3 Mouthwatering Side Dishes Perfect to serve with Marry Me Chicken and can be prepared in under 30 minutes

marry me chicken pic

If you’re planning to make “Marry Me Chicken” for dinner, you’ll want some delicious side dishes to complement this flavorful main course. Marry Me Chicken is a creamy and savory dish that features chicken breasts cooked in a rich tomato cream sauce with garlic and herbs. Here are three side dishes that will enhance the … Read more

Houston grill Theft Turns Violent: Homeowner Fires Shots at Suspect

bbq pit

In Houston’s Harris County,there was quite the commotion when a homeowner realized their BBQ grill had gone missing. Promptly, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office stepped in to investigate the matter in the vicinity of Ralston Road and Kentington Oak. Sheriff Ed Gonzalez shed light on the situation, revealing that the homeowner took matters into their … Read more

How long does a tank last on propane smoker

how long does a tank last on propane smoker

Propane smokers are popular for their ease of use and convenience. However determining how long a propane tank will last on a propane smoker can be tricky, especially for beginners. It depends on various factors which can affect the burning of propane. In this blog post, we will explain the normal duration of a propane … Read more

How to wrap ribs in butcher paper


After being adopted by various pitmasters in their smoking procedures, butcher paper has completely taken over the smoking industry. It helps you beat stall and protects your meat from drying out during the smoking process. When it comes to smoking ribs, butcher paper can help to avoid the over-smoking of ribs, make them tender, and … Read more

5 Best grills for Airbnb hosts that guests love

best grills for airbnb

Are you an Airbnb host looking to provide your guests with a memorable outdoor cooking experience? Look no further than to find the best grill for your Airbnb property. Imagine the enticing aroma of sizzling steaks, the sound of burgers sizzling on the grates, and the joy of gathering around a grill with friends and … Read more

Can you use wood chips in offset smoker

wood chips in offset smoker

Offset smokers are the the best choice for getting the feel of traditional smoking and also provide better flavor than other set it and forget it type of smokers. But these are more complex than other smokers due to which beginners often get confused while using it. One of the most common confusions that most … Read more

Does a turkey stall when smoking? The correct answer

Does a turkey stall when smoking

Have you ever wondered if a turkey stalls when smoking? It’s a question that piques the curiosity of both seasoned grillmasters and culinary enthusiasts alike. In this article, we unravel the mystery behind the turkey stall and provide expert insights to enhance your smoking experience. In short, yes, a turkey can indeed stall during the … Read more

How do I stop my traeger from rusting

How do I stop my traeger from rusting

Traeger grills are one of the best grills on the market when it comes to grilling food with the least amount of effort possible. But, along with the convenience, there are some drawbacks. One of these is rusting. In this article, we’ll go over how to keep your grill from rusting. A short answer: To … Read more

How long does smoked cheese last?

How long does smoked cheese last?

Have you ever wondered about the shelf life of smoked cheese? It’s a question that arises when you want to savor that delightful smoky flavor without compromising on freshness. In this article, we explore the longevity of smoked cheese, providing you with valuable insights to ensure your cheesy indulgence stays at its best. In short, … Read more