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I am Jakob – a retired health professional who became a BBQ expert after hanging up my stethoscope. I have always been passionate about grilling and smoking meats, but it wasn’t until i retired that i was able to fully immerse myself in the world of BBQ.

Now, i spend my days perfecting my BBQ recipes and sharing them with the world through Barbecue pals.

But it’s not all BBQ and smiles for me – my wife, Sarah, isn’t always thrilled with my newfound passion. Here are a few conversations we’ve had about this blog:

Sarah: “Jakob, what are you doing on the computer all day? You’re supposed to be retired!”

Me: “I’m working on my blog, honey. I’ve got to keep my BBQ skills sharp.”

Sarah: “Your BBQ skills? What about your gardening skills? The weeds in the backyard are taking over!”

Me: “But honey, BBQ is my passion. Plus, I’ve got a loyal following online. They can’t get enough of my helpful guides.”

Sarah: “A loyal following? You mean that group of retired guys who meet at the park every Saturday to grill? I think you’re overestimating your fame, dear.”

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Despite sarah’s skepticism, i continued to pursue my passion for BBQ and share my knowledge with the world. I may not be the next BBQ superstar, but I am having a blast and spreading the joy of grilling to anyone who will listen.


I spent countless hours perfecting my BBQ techniques and experimenting with new and exciting recipes. And eventually, Sarah came around. “I have to admit, this BBQ is pretty darn good,” she said, as she took another bite of the smoked turkey .

So if you’re looking for delicious, healthy BBQ recipes that will make your taste buds sing, look no further. Barbecue pals has got you covered. And if you’re lucky, you might even get to hear a few funny stories about my conversations with Sarah along the way.

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Michael Bradford


As a seasoned outdoor and home designer, Michael has spent years honing his skills and expertise in creating functional and stylish outdoor spaces. With a passion for DIY projects, Michael is constantly seeking new ways to transform their own backyard into a relaxing retreat.
Now, as a writer for a Barbecue pals, he is sharing their knowledge and experience with others, offering tips and tricks for designing and maintaining a beautiful outdoor space. He is here to help readers transform their outdoor spaces into their own personal paradise.

Amanda Strawn


Meet Amanda, a green thumb with a love for smoked vegetables that surpasses their love for meats. But what sets her apart from the rest is her love for smoked vegetables. she believes that veggies have a unique flavor and texture when smoked, making them a perfect alternative to meats. her love for smoked vegetables has led him on a journey to try out different recipes and smoking techniques.

But here’s the twist, she does it all with a touch of humor, making even the driest gardening and smoking veggies tips entertaining.

We hope you enjoy our blog posts as much as We enjoy offering them to you. If you have any questions or comments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


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