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Pit boss grills are one of the most effective solutions when it comes to grilling meat to perfection while requiring the least effort.

Although they are user-friendly, you still need to learn how to use them effectively to get the most out of them.

In this article, we will discuss how to use the meat probe of a pit boss.

The Pit Boss meat probe is one of the most important components of the grill to remain at the top of the process.

It’s really overwhelming to see the meat probe at first with a bunch of wires like a headphone, especially if you are an old school pitmaster.

I am predicting this because I have been there .

It is really confusing and frustrating at the same time if you are a non-technical guy like me.

But over the years, I have tweaked my process of using the pit boss temperature probe and maximised its effectiveness.

Today I am going to share that with you.

As a general guideline, you just need to connect the temperature probe to the electricity and then insert it into the meat to start using it.

You need to insert the probe into the thickest portion of meat to get an accurate temperature.

A meat probe is a really effective piece of equipment because it can help you control the temperature of the meat being grilled more precisely.

Grilling your meat without knowing the internal temperature is like shooting arrows in the dark.

using a pitboss boss meat probe

In the journey of refining your grilling skills, the revelation often dawns that the smoker temperature isn’t a reliable indicator of your meat’s actual internal temperature.

Navigating the nuances of factors influencing the meat’s internal heat can be a daunting task, leaving you in a culinary conundrum—uncertain whether your masterpiece is overcooked or undercooked. e.g. stall.

Fear not, for there exists a culinary compass, a solution to this temperature disparity: the meat probe.

This unassuming tool serves as your culinary ally, bridging the gap between the smoker’s deceptive temperature and the true essence of your meat.

Now, let’s embark on a comprehensive journey into the art of using a meat probe specifically tailored for your Pit Boss.

Unlocking the secrets of the pit, understanding the intricacies of Pit Boss meat probe instructions, and decoding the dance of temperatures with Pit Boss meat probe accuracy—this guide is your passport to precision grilling.

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Learn the art of harnessing the power of your Pit Boss meat thermometer, unravel the mysteries of its temperature probe location, and master the finesse of Pit Boss probe use.

Delve into the heart of grilling wisdom as we explore the nuances of using a meat probe on Pit Boss, ensuring every culinary creation is a masterpiece.

So it can be really frustrating to decide if your meat has been overcooked or undercooked without knowing the internal temperature of the meat.

The only solution to this is to use a meat probe.

Here is a complete guide to using a meat probe in a pit boss.

Check for damage

First of all , you should take your meat probe and inspect it for any damage.

It is really important to perform this step because you need to make sure that the meat probe is working correctly to rely on its reading during grilling.

If the meat probe is damaged, then it can malfunction during the process.

The malfunctioning can either result in a wrong reading or no reading at all.

So it is better to check for any malfunctions beforehand to stay on the safe end.

You should consider checking for any physical damage that you can spot while inspecting.

If it has been damaged, then there is a huge chance that it will malfunction, so you should consider replacing it with a new one.

Connect to a grill

After you have examined your meat probe for any physical damage, you can now move onto connecting your meat probe to the grill if it’s not damaged.

It is a simpler process than you might expect and does not require much effort.

As with any other component of the pit boss, the meat probe also works by using electricity.

You need to connect it to the receptacle present on the control panel to make sure it starts measuring the temperature.

There are two slots available on the control panel of the Pit Boss grill, which are known as the meat probe receptacles.

You need to insert the end of the wiring of the meat probe into these slots to connect the meat probe to electricity.

If the meat probe is inserted correctly, then you will hear a clicking sound upon insertion.

This sound is an indication that the meat probe is connected.

The sharper end of the meat probe is used to insert it into the meat.

Incorporate into the meat

After you have connected your meat probe to electricity, now you need to insert your meat probe into the meat that you are going to grill.

You need to be really careful about the insertion because the accuracy of temperature will depend on the effectiveness of insertion.

You should consider inserting your meat probe into the thickest part of the meat to get an accurate temperature.

For example, if you are smoking a brisket, then you should consider inserting your meat probe into the area between the flat and point region. you can also check our guide on where to probe brisket for more information.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the meat probe should always be inserted away from any bone.

The reason is that the temperature of the bone will be different from that of the meat due to the difference in texture.

Lastly, the meat probe should be inserted in a careful manner.

The end of the meat probe should stay within the meat.

You should make sure that the meat probe is not poking out from the other side, because if it touches the grilling grates, it will give a wrong reading.

Place the meat on the grill

After inserting your meat probe into the meat, you should place your meat on the grill.

You should make sure that the wiring of the meat probe is not directly exposed to fire because it can result in sudden and unexpected accidents.

You should run wires attached to the meat probe through a hole found on the left hand side of the pit boss grill. It is known as the probe insertion hole.

After placing the meat into the smoker, you should consider closing the lid.

Monitor the temperature

Now turn on your grill and keep an eye out for the temperature reading.

There will be two readings displayed on the readout.

if you end up messing your pit boss grill, then you can check our guide on Pit Boss grill troubleshooting or How to fix pit boss err code? for help

One reading will be of the temperature of the smoker, while the other one will correspond to the internal temperature of the meat.

Remove the temperature probe

When the internal temperature of meat reaches the desired temperature, you should consider removing the meat from the smoker to avoid overcooking it.

While doing so, you should consider removing the meat probe first.

Clean the meat probe

Lastly, after finishing your grilling process, you should consider cleaning the meat probe to make it durable.

You can simply run it through soapy water and then dry it using the clean towels. make sure to dry it completely to avoid rusting

Frequently asked questions

here are some common questions that you might have .

How do I calibrate my Pit Boss meat probe for optimal accuracy?

Now, let’s not forget the pivotal element—understanding the Pit Boss smoker probe, and the symbiotic relationship it shares with your culinary endeavors.

Uncover the secrets of ensuring your Pit Boss meat probe is not only accurate but reliable, quelling any doubts about its performance.

As you embark on this journey, armed with knowledge, your Pit Boss becomes not just a grill but a gateway to gastronomic excellence.

So, fear not the temperature disparities, for with the right knowledge and your trusty meat probe, you’re on the path to grilling mastery.

Where is the temperature probe on a Pit Boss smoker?

The Pit Boss temperature probe, an integral component of your grill, is strategically positioned on the side of the cook chamber, nestled within the confines of the grill itself.

This positioning serves a dual purpose, offering both accessibility and accuracy in monitoring the cooking environment.

Speaking of precision, ensuring your Pit Boss thermometer accuracy is paramount to achieving culinary excellence. Many enthusiasts wonder about the intricacies of the Pit Boss probe accuracy and its practical applications.

Fear not, for the Pit Boss probe is versatile, designed not only for measuring the ambient temperature but also for gauging the internal temperature of your culinary creations.

Wondering about the Pit Boss temperature probe location? It’s discreetly located, allowing you to focus on your culinary masterpiece without intrusion.

Now, for those who are keen on mastering the art of grilling, understanding how to calibrate the Pit Boss meat probe becomes a skill worth acquiring.

This calibration ensures that your temperature readings are as reliable as the grill itself. And in the rare instance where the Pit Boss meat probe is not accurate or seems to be taking a hiatus, fret not; troubleshooting tips are at your disposal.


Using a pit boss meat probe is really simple .

You just need to make sure that it is working correctly and then insert it into the meat.

You should make sure to clean the meat probe after use to avoid rust buildup on pit boss probe.

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