do pit boss grills rust; A complete guide

Last Updated on: 13th February 2023, 07:50 pm

Pit boss grills are usually one of the best choices if you want to enjoy the flavour of traditional charcoal smokers while putting in the least amount of effort possible.

They are literally “set it and forget it” instruments, which is a boon for those who want to enjoy grilled meat but don’t want to put in the effort.

Although these pit boss grills are user-friendly, it is a common concern that they rust.

It is really important to think about this if you happen to smoke in a rainy environment, or sometimes you may want to make sure that they are durable.

Rust is really a crucial factor when it comes to the durability of the grills.

In addition to durability, rust can also affect the functioning of the grills.

So today I am going to dilute all of my experience with pit boss grills in this guide to help you clear up your confusion on whether pit boss grills rust or not.

key takeaway: pit boss grills do rust if they are handled improperly. The reason is that the pit boss grills are made of high quality steel, which makes them prone to rust if exposed to humidity or rain.

Rust typically forms around the firebox, cooking chamber (below racks), and grill bottom in pit boss grills.

do pit boss grills rust

Pit Boss grills are made of high quality steel and they also have a protective coating to avoid the development of rust .

If handled properly and carefully, you can protect your pit boss from rusting.

priming and seasoning pit boss grills regularly can save them from rusting.

But if the pit boss grills are used in humid or rainy weather, then they might start to get rusty.

A lot of pitmasters panic about how their grill can get rust when it is stored under a roof, which can protect it from coming into contact with the rain.

The reason is that rust is not only a result of coming into contact with rain or direct water.

pit boss grills rust

Your pit boss grill can start to get rusty if it’s stored outside in weather with higher humidity.

You should consider storing your grill inside if not in use.

Pit Boss grills are made of high quality materials and they are coated with an anti-corrosion paint, which really helps in protecting them from the development of rust.

But over time, the paint can fall off due to improper handling and the grill might start to rust.

Rust develops on the surface of the grill when it is left in contact with water or humidity for longer periods of time in the presence of oxygen.

The water and oxygen react with the iron present in the build of the grill and cause it to rust.

Rust development is not related to the building of the pit boss grills, but rather environmental factors and poor cleaning can result in the development of rust on any iron object if not handled properly.

To understand it properly, we will also discuss why the pit boss grills Rust.

Why do pit boss grills rust?

As discussed above, pit boss grills are prone to the development of rust if not handled properly.

Although the origins of rust can be different, it is equally dangerous in all cases.

Here are some of the common reasons for the development of rust on pit boss grills.

Grilling outside in the rain

The first and foremost cause of the development of rust on a pit boss grill is using it in the rain .

It is a common issue because weather can change suddenly during the process and you might have no other choice than to complete the grilling process.

Although this way you will be able to serve your guests with a perfectly grilled chicken breast, it can result in the development of rust if not dried completely. By the way, you can check our guide on if grilling chicken is healthy or not.

But there is a caveat ! If you use the grill in a light shower and dry it completely after grilling, then there are fewer chances of rust development.

By grilling in the rain, the components of the grill are exposed to rain water.

If the grill is not dried completely after use, water and the oxygen present in the environment react with the iron present in the grill and result in the development of rust.

Storing improperly

Another reason for the development of rust on a pit boss grill is due to storing it improperly.

You need to keep in mind that the grill should be stored in an area with lower humidity.

Humidity can also result in the development of rust on grills.

Most of the pitmasters, even after grilling for years, make this common mistake of leaving the grill out in the shed if not in use.

Although a shed can save your grill from rain, your grill can still get rust if the environment has a higher level of humidity.

Poor cleaning

Poor cleaning can also result in the development of rust in a pit boss grill.

Usually, rain and humidity result in the development of rust on the outer side of the grill.

But if the grill is not cleaned properly, then it can result in the development of rust in the cooking chamber.


The cooking chamber is the area where all the grilling process happens.

So it comes into contact with various oils , sauces, and grease.

If the grease and oil are not cleaned up after grilling, then it can result in rust development over time.

Damp pellets

Pellets are usually used in traeger for the production of smoke.

You need to make sure that the pellets are dry and of good quality to get the best flavour out of your grill.

Damp and decayed pellets can damage the grill and also produce bad quality smoke.

Damp pellets often have a higher amount of water in them .

If some of the damp pellets are left unburnt in the hopper or auger, it can result in the development of rust over time .

How to prevent the development of rust on a pit boss grill

Rust development on a pit boss grill is really frustrating.

because it can affect both the durability and the functioning of the grill.

Here are some effective ways to prevent your grill from rusting and make it durable.

season the grill

First of all , you should consider seasoning your grill before first use.

It will make sure to burn out any hazardous chemicals used during the manufacturing phase.

It will also make sure that the grill paint sticks longer on the surface of the grill.

Clean the grill

You should consider cleaning your grill regularly to avoid the development of rust.

You can simply use a 50% solution of vinegar and water to do so. Moreover, you should consider drying the grill parts completely before putting them together.

avoid using the grill In the rain

Although you can use your grill in a light shower of rain, I would recommend not using your grill in rain at all.

Do pit boss grills rust 1

If the rain starts pouring during a grilling session, then you should reschedule the barbecue on a rainy day and finish the meat in the oven.

Avoid using damp pellets

Damp pellets are one of the most common reasons for rust development in a pellet grill.

You should consider avoiding using damp pellets in a pit boss grill at all cost.

You should consider buying a bag of good quality pellets when grilling.

It might cost you a few bucks,but it will be worth the cost.

Store the grill properly

Storing grills properly is also important for avoiding the development of rust.

When not in use , you need to store your grill in an enclosed building like a garage or storeroom.

Storing outside can also result in rust development when the humidity increases.

Touch-up paint

Touch up paint is one of the most handy tools to avoid rust development on a pit boss grill.

It basically fixes the grill paint back in place when it’s flaking off.

You can buy it from Amazon or the official website of Pit Boss Grills.

Get a grill cover

Grill covers are one of the most underrated items in the barbecue space.

A grill cover can help you avoid the development of rust and also grill during rain.

It doesn’t cost much compared to its effectiveness when it comes to grilling in the rain.

which part of pit boss grill are usually affected by rust?

like all other grills , pit boss grills are also made up of metal and are prone to rust. most of their parts can get rusted but some parts are more prone to rusting than others.

usually the external side of grill, the area near the burners and the grill grates are the most common areas that are affected by rust. these can get rusted due to various reasons.

for example the external side of the grill caan start to rust if it used in rain and not dried completely.similarly the grill grates can start to rust due to coming in direct contact with oils and other lubricants.

What can I spray on my grill to keep it from rusting?

lets agree at this point that grills are prone to rust if not used properly. but to avoid them from rusting you can take different precautions. one of these precautions is using an oil on it.

oils are really helpful to prevent grills from rusting, tat why they are used while seasoning. but to protect the grill from rusting even if you haven’t seasoned it, you can use canola or grapeseed oil.

Final verdict

Pit boss grills are prone to rust development like all others steel equipments.

Although they have a high quality build and protective paint for avoiding rust development.

You need to make sure to handle them properly. if you want to read more , then check out our guide Pit Boss grill troubleshooting

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