Can a pit boss get rained on? The correct answer

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Pit Boss grills are one of the most effective and user-friendly grills when it comes to smoking meat while requiring less effort.

But because of being an electric appliance, these can also have issues like other electric equipment.

Keeping this in mind, a lot of beginners wonder if the pit boss grill can get rained on during smoking.

It is one of the most common issues with electric appliances .

Because smoking requires several hours to smoke while the weather can change suddenly.

I also had the same issue when I first purchased a pit boss and here is what I found.

According to the user manual and video guides provided by pit boss grill manufacturers , pit boss grills should be avoided for use in heavy rain.

If it is just a passing light sprinkle, then you can continue smoking by taking a few precautions.

The reason is that pit boss grills usually require an electric supply of around 110 volts to carry out the smoking process.

So if the pit boss grill has a short circuit, then rain can result in unexpected accidents like explosions or electric shock.

Here is a short summary of what we will discuss in detail in this article.

  • Pit Bo can be used in light sprinkle but should be avoided in heavy sprinkle.
  • There are several reasons to avoid using Pit Boss in the rain, which include rust , electric shock, etc.
  • Some pointers to help you avoid unexpected accidents while grilling in the rain.

Can a pit boss get rained on?

Weather is one of the most important factors when it comes to smoking effectively.

It can affect the effectiveness of the smoke because it can change suddenly.

Changes in weather affect the temperature of the grill, which results in improper cooking.

If you are using a charcoal grill, then you can usually crank out more charcoal to maintain the temperature of the grill.

But if you are using an electric grill like Pit Boss, then the situation worsens further due to using electricity as a fuel.

Usually, pit boss use manuals suggest users avoid using pit boss grills in the rain.

The reason is that there are several caveats involved in the process, which can affect the process of smoking.

So it is better to not use it during the rain .

If you want to use your pit boss grill, then you need to be careful because there are several risks involved in doing so.

These can range from explosions, electric shocks, to clogging of augers.

We will discuss these in detail later in this guide.

if your pit boss is malfunctioning due to being rained on, then you can check our guide on Pit Boss grill troubleshooting for help.

If you are a sensitive person and don’t want to get involved in a frustrating situation, Then it is better to stay on the safe end by rescheduling your BBQ.

If it is a light sprinkle,then you can get around it by following the tips given at the end of this article.

According to my own experience, you can use your pit boss grill in a little bit of wind or a light sprinkle of rain.

Over the years, I have collected several battle-tested techniques to minimize the effects of rain on the pit boss grill.

which I will share in a moment.

But if the rain is heavily pouring into the pit boss grill, then it is better to be safe than sorry.

You should consider moving your grill into an indoor ventilated area or rescheduling your barbecue to avoid panicking.

Risks of using Pit Bo Grill in the rain

Using the Pit Boss grill in the rain is as risky as using any other electric equipment in the rain.

There are several risks involved in the process, which you need to keep in mind before making the final decision about whether to smoke in the rain or call off the barbecue today.

electricity shock

As you might know, pit boss grills are electric equipment that utilizes electricity in place of charcoal for the generation of heat.

So, as with any other electric appliance, they also have a risk of short-circuit.

The power panel of the Pit Boss grill is water resistant to some extent. But it is not waterproof.

So if you are grilling in a heavy shower of rain, then the water might sink into the power panel and result in sudden, unexpected accidents.

You should keep in mind that pit boss grills usually operate at a voltage of 110 volts.

If the water comes into direct contact with the grill’s electrical components, there is a high risk of electric shock or explosion.

producing no or poor quality smoke

Another risk of using a pit boss grill in the rain is that your grill might not produce smoke at all or will produce bad quality smoke.

It can affect the flavor and appearance of the meat being grilled on the inside of the grill.

The reason is that the pit boss grill uses electricity for the production of heat .

While the smoke is produced by the wood pellets used inside the smoker.

Rain might make the pellets used inside the grill wet, which can affect the quality of the smoke.

Wet pellets will produce no smoke or a thick white smoke.

While grilling, we use pellets to produce smoke, which has gases that are beneficial for the flavor of meat.

Thick white smoke can make the meat bitter.

So you should be really careful about it.

Jammed Auger

An auger is an important component of the pit boss grill, which is used to supply the fire pot with enough pellets to produce smoke.

By using the pit boss grill in the rain, your auger can get jammed and will not move at all.

The reason behind this is the use of damp pellets in pit boss grills.

If the damp pellets are not removed from the grill immediately, they will stick there and lock the auger in place.

It will avoid the movement of the auger for proper functioning.

A jammed auger is really frustrating because you can’t fix it easily.

Especially if you are a beginner, then you might be able to fix it yourself.

It will cost you some bucks to hire a professional to do it for you.

Tripped breaker or GFI

Another risk of using a pit boss grill in the rain is that your electricity breaker might get tripped when you try to turn on the grill.

The reason behind this is that the Pit Boss grill is an electric appliance, so if you try to use it while it’s wet , then your breaker will get tripped.

Another issue that you might face is that your GFI might get tripped.

A GFI is a safety mechanism to protect you from electric shocks.

As a result, if the grill becomes wet, it may trip and turn off all of the appliances.

Rust buildup

Rust is another factor that you need to keep in mind while deciding whether to use your grill in the rain or not.

Usually, pit boss grills are of higher quality and will not get rusted.

But if you don’t dry your grill immediately after grilling, then it might start to rust.

Rust is really hazardous for the functioning of the grill and can affect the durability of the grill.

If you have to use Pit Bo Grill in the rain for some reason, then consider cleaning it immediately after use to avoid rust build up.

Tips for using Pit Boss Grill in the Rain

Sometimes you might not have the choice to reschedule your barbecue because your guests might be waiting.

So I will give you some tips to minimize the possibility of issues that you might face while using your pit boss in the rain.

But there is a caveat! I would recommend you not use your Pit Boss grill in a heavy shower of rain.

Although if it’s a light sprinkle with some wind, then you can get around it with these tips .

Here are the tips that can help you use your pit boss in the rain.

  • The best tip in my arsenal is to always plan your barbecue effectively.
    You need to check the weather forecast before planning to grill on a specific day. You should plan the barbecue on a sunny day.
  • If your weather conditions change suddenly, then reschedule your barbecue if you have a choice.
    It is really important because grilling in the rain will require more effort and will be really frustrating.
  • The most effective way to use a pit boss in the rain is to buy a canopy.
    Canopies are way cheaper than you might expect, but they will be worth the cost. You can use canopies to grill in windy or rainy conditions.
  • You should consider checking your pellets to see if they have become wet. If your grill has some damp pellets, then it’s better to replace them with dry ones.
    It will help you both get a good smoke and avoid the blockage of your auger.
  • If you are using an extension cord to connect your grill to an electric outlet, then make sure that it is waterproof.
    The reason is that the extension cord has the highest chances of coming into contact with the water , so it is better to make sure it is waterproof.
  • You should try to keep the lid closed during the rain. It will help you to avoid both heat loss and rain water getting into the grill.
    You can use digital thermometers to stay informed of the temperature without opening the lid.
  • Lastly, you should consider drying the grill immediately after use. It is really effective to avoid the buildup of rust.


You can use the Pit Boss grill in a light sprinkle of rain, but you should try to avoid using it in a heavy shower.

You should consider following the tips given above to minimize the chances of unexpected accidents during grilling.

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