Can you put pyrex in a smoker?

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Pyrex dishes are usually used in baking.

Pyrex is a type of glass that is used to make dishes for cooking at higher temperatures.

These are pretty because they can withstand higher temperatures and you can directly serve the food to guests without changing dishes.

But it is really a confusing topic to decide whether you can use pyrex dishes in a smoker or not.

I have personally been researching this for a while because while these are effective for cooking, you need to make sure that they are food grade and don’t break during smoking.

After researching for hours in different communities, forums, and asking my fellow pitmasters, I finally tried using it myself in my pellet smoker .

some of you might be wondering are pellets smokers healthy for smoking. according to my experience they are as healthy as any other smoker and i don’t face any issue by using them.

So today I am going to share the results of hours of research and experimentation on whether you can use a pyrex dish in a smoker or not.

The black and white answer to this question will always be yes.

You can use pyrex dishes in smokers because they are heat resistant and can withstand temperatures as high as 900 °F.

But you need to be careful about changing temperatures suddenly, because it can break them.

Although you can use pyrex in smokers, you still need to be careful about temperature fluctuations.

In addition, there are two types of pyrex: borosilicate pyrex dishes and soda lime Pyrex dishes, both of which have different levels of shock resistance.

Let’s discuss this in detail.

Can you put pyrex in a smoker?

Yes , you can use pyrex in a smoker because it is highly temperature resistant.

But you need to be careful about whether your pyrex dish is shock resistant or not.

If your pyrex dish is not shock resistant, then a sudden temperature can break it.

You need to maintain the propane smoker temperature constant during the smoking.

In addition, you need to avoid washing Pyrex dishes immediately after smoking.

The reason is that the temperature of the dishes will drop suddenly, which can break them.

Smoking is usually done at 150-300 °F, which is a relatively lower temperature than baking.

Pyrex dishes can easily withstand this temperature and you will not have to deal with any issues.

Similarly, grilling can also be carried out using pyrex dishes, but you need to keep in mind the shock resistance.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the pyrex dishes will get darkened or stained a little bit due to smoking.

So it will be a bit difficult to clean.

In addition, you should clean the pyrex dishes after they have cooled down to avoid breaking them.

Using pyrex in cooking

Pyrex is a common type of glass that has been used in cooking for centuries.

But after the invention of cast iron skillets and other cooking utensils, they are now usually seen only in baking.

So a lot of people, especially pitmasters, are unaware of its use.

Pyrex dishes are more commonly used in baking .

Moreover, these can also be used in ovens .

You can place your food in the oven in a pyrex dish without any worries because it can withstand higher temperatures.

Additionally, you don’t need to replace your dish after baking and simply serve in the pyrex dish.

It makes pyrex dishes, along with cast iron skillets, one of the most preferred baking dishes.

Both of these have their benefits, and it’s your choice which one you like.

So if you find yourself baking, you may also want to test them with smokers.

As mentioned above, you can use your pyrex dishes on smokers and grills without much effort.

The reason is that the food is usually smoked and grilled between 160-400 °F on a grill, while Pyrex dishes can resist temperatures up to 900 °F.

However, keep in mind that most pyrex dishes available locally are not shock resistant and can break when exposed to sudden temperature changes.

The shock resistance basically depends on the composition of pyrex, and we will discuss it in a while.

The heat resistance and shock resistance of a pyrex dish depend on the composition of the pyrex.

Normally, all pyrex dishes are heat resistant, but soda lime is not.

Pyrex dishes are prone to shock resistance.

Here are the types of pyrex dishes.

Pyrex borosilicate glass

Borosilicate pyrex dishes are the best type of glass dish that you can use in cooking.

These are both heat resistant and shock resistant.

This means they can withstand higher grilling temperatures as well as sudden temperature changes.

These pyrex dishes are usually not available due to higher manufacturing costs.

These can be found in vintage stores which have a collection of 1900s dishes.

Corning dishes usually have a corning logo on them, which means they were manufactured to be used in food.

Soda lime Pyrex glass

Soda lime Pyrex dishes, on the other hand, are also temperature resistant, but they are prone to sudden changes in temperature.

If you are using a soda lime Pyrex dish in a smoker, then you need to be really careful about the temperature change because these dishes can break upon a sudden temperature change.

You also need to be careful about washing them immediately after smoking because it can break them.

What is the difference between heat resistance and shock resistance?

Heat resistance and shock resistance are two different properties of a pyrex dish.

By shock resistance, we don’t mean physical shock but rather temperature shock. You need to check both of these when deciding whether you can use your dish on the grill.

Heat resistance is simply the highest temperature that pyrex dishes can bear without breaking.

Pyrex dishes are extremely heat resistant and can withstand temperatures as high as 900 °F.

Most of the cooking is done below 900 °F, so you don’t have a problem with this.

On the other hand, shock resistance means how resistant a material is to a sudden temperature change. For example, soda lime Pyrex dishes can break if the temperature of the oven changes suddenly.

Are pyrex dishes better than cast iron dishes for use on grills?

There is no black and white answer to this question because both of the dishes have their own benefits.

So it’s entirely up to you which one you prefer.

We personally prefer to use pyrex dishes because we can serve the food in the same dish that was used for smoking.

Pyrex dishes are highly heat resistant, which means they can withstand higher temperatures while smoking or grilling.

In addition, borosilicate dishes are also shock resistant, which makes them resistant to temperature changes.

In addition, pyrex dishes provide a stable temperature because they don’t get heated quickly.

But on the flip side, it means that they are poor conductors of heat.

by using them in combination with other baking materials like butcher paper or parchment paper in smoking is a match made in heaven.

Keeping these points in mind, you should prefer pyrex dishes.

While in the case of cast iron skillets, they are a good conductor of heat .

This means they heat up quickly and can assist you in quickly cooking the meat.

But on the other hand, it can result in an unstable temperature due to overshooting.

Moreover, cast iron dishes are easier to clean than pyrex dishes.

It’s a personal choice which one you want to use .

You should consider comparing the pros and cons of both and deciding which one best fits your needs.


Pyrex dishes can be used in smokers, but you need to be careful about shock resistance.

In addition, you need to be careful about cleaning them immediately after smoking.

Generally, there is no risk involved in using them for smoking. if you are interested in reading more, then check out our guide on How to fix pit boss err code? The definitive guide

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