how hot can parchment paper get

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Parchment paper is a useful in cooking, especially when baking something. It helps the food to be baked properly without sticking to the pan.

It is non-sticky because of silicone coating, which helps it to avoid sticking and resist higher temperatures.

You may have heard that parchment paper can handle high temperatures and can withstand heat than butcher paper.

there is still a limit to it’s ability to resist heat ,so we should be careful while using it higher temperatures.

In this article we are going to discuss, how hot can parchment paper can get without burning. So let’s get started.

how hot can parchment paper get without burning

 The heat resistance of parchment paper can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but usually parchment paper can easily be used at the temperature as high as 420°F (215°C) .

Although they can work at higher temperatures, they should not be used at temperatures above 500 °F.

Manufacturers typically recommend using parchment paper at temperatures ranging from 350 to 450 °F.

However, some people use it at temperatures above 500 °C when cooking pizza.

It doesn’t immediately burn above 450°F but can darken over time.

Several manufacturers claim that even if the parchment paper starts to darken, it doesn’t release any hazardous chemicals.

But to stay at safe end , you should avoid using them at above 500 °F because they contain silicone and sulphuric acid which can affect the quality of food.

Parchment paper is highly heat resistant and cant burn easily.

When being used inside an oven at higher temperatures, it doesn’t catch fire immediately if is not in direct contact with the walls of oven.

If it touches the walls, then you can expect fire within a few seconds.

The reason is that air is poor conductor of heat , so when placed in oven, the parchment paper doesn’t heat up to higher temperatures. But on the other hand , metal is a good conductor of heat and hence can burn paper if it comes in direct contact with oven walls.

The heat resistance of parchment paper comes from the treatment of silicone on its surface during it’s preparation.

Silicone is really effective heat resistant, which increases the heat resistance of parchment paper and helps it to withstand higher temperatures in oven.

Although, parchment paper can be used at temperatures even higher than 450°F , it can darken over time.

Furthermore, if the temperature is kept around 500 °F for more than 30 minutes, it may become brittle.

It some cases, it can also start to smoke or even catch fire. The reason behind this is autoignition.

Autoignition is the process by which parchment paper and other type of paper go through several processes before starting to burn.

Sometimes, overheating the parchment paper can also result in its sticking to the surface of the food due to burning .

Because the food placed in oven for baking are often in semi-solid form , it can get attached to the paper.

If you are stuck in this situation at any point, then you should consider using a wet dish towel.

You should consider placing your food in the wet towel for some time, as it will hopefully soften the food . Due to the which the parchment paper can be separated easily.

Parchment paper can resist to higher temperatures , but you should keep in mind that the quality and flavor of food will be affected by overheating it.

If you the parchment paper starts burning due to higher temperature, then it will not be able to perform it’s function properly and affect the flavor of food at the same time.

You should consider being careful about placing parchment paper in direct contact with the flame because, no matter what, it is still a paper and can ignite quickly on exposure to fire.

It can withstand indirect heating up to 500 °F, so it can be used in most baking applications without issue.

why doesn’t parchment paper burn

Parchment paper is resistant to burning due to the coating of silicone. Silicone is a heat-resistant molecule with a higher boiling point than other ingredients.

This helps parchment paper withstand higher temperatures because it can withstand heat.

Although parchment paper can still burn if it is placed in direct contact with fire or a metal heated to higher temperatures.

Parchment paper is really effective against heat in comparison to wax paper. It can retain it’s original texture at a temperature of around 450-500°F . While wax paper will start to melt at higher temperature and will affect the texture of food.

You should keep in mind that parchment paper is heat resistant but not fire resistant. It can catch fire like any other regular paper.

It usually catches fire when it is placed in direct contact with a fire or walls of an oven that is heated to higher temperatures.

Even if it is not in direct contact with fire, it can still start to darken and become brittle if placed at a temperature above 500°F for more than 30 minutes. 

After 30 minutes, it will start to denature and brittle .

Factors responsible for heat resistance of parchment paper

If you want to know why parchment paper doesn’t burn, then you should dig deeper and understand the science behind it’s heat resistance.

There are three major factors that contribute in making the parchment paper heat resistant. These are silicone, moisture, and heat conductivity.


As discussed above, the effectiveness of the parchment paper is dependent on the silicone present within it.

Silicone is molecule that is highly heat resistant and used in parchment paper for two functions.

Firstly, it helps parchment paper to withstand higher temperatures, thus making it capable of being used in baking.

The reason is that silicone itself is a highly heat resistant chemical which coats the surface of parchment paper and protects it from burning.

Secondly, it makes the surface of parchment paper non sticky. Non stickiness is the main function of parchment paper in baking.

It helps separate food from baking pan and can be easily peeled off the food after baking.


The second reason that helps parchment paper to resist higher temperatures is the moisture present within the oven.

The food placed in oven usually contains moisture which is evaporated once oven is heated. This evaporation cools down the parchment paper and prevents it from burning.

Heat conductivity

The final reason that is responsible for the heat resistance of parchment paper is the heat conductivity.

You should have noticed that most of parchment paper manufacturers have mentioned on their packages that the paper should not touch the oven walls.

The reason is that when the parchment paper is not in direct contact with the walls, it heats up slowly because air is poor conductor of heat, while oven walls are made up of metal, which is a good conductor of heat.

Due to which, the parchment paper can get burnt.

is parchment paper flammable?

The simple answer to this question will always be yes. Parchment paper is highly flammable if the proper precautions are not taken prior to it’s usage.

It usually catches fire when used in broiling or comes into direct contact with fire.

As mentioned above , parchment paper is highly heat resistant, but it is not fire resistant. It is highly flammable .

According to my personal experience , it even burns better than the regular paper . So you should consider having a fire extinguisher in hand if you are testing it.

The heat resistance of parchment paper comes from the silicone present within it but silicone can’t prevent burning if parchment paper is exposed to direct flame.

It should be only used in cooking with indirect heat to reduce the chances of accidents.

when used in indirect contact with fire, such as smoking ,it can last longer than butcher paper

It can also start to burn if it is placed in direct contact with the walls of oven. The reason is that metal is good conductor of heat and can heat it up quickly.

So its better to cut the parchment paper according to the size of your oven before placing it inside.

Parchment paper can also catch fire if it’s heated to 500°F for more than 30 minutes. It will not catch fire immediately.

Rather, it will go through a series of processes known as autoignition, which includes darkening, smoking, and other stages.

Finally, at the end of autoignition, paper will start burning.

how to wrap cookies in parchment paper

Parchment paper is not only used in baking, rather, it can be used to wrap your cookies to be sent to family and friends at different events like Christmas.

It is a good way to show them that you really care for them and remember them at this occasion.


Before starting wrapping, you should consider collecting these ingredients to make sure you don’t panic during the process.

Wrapping cookies doesn’t require much resources, and most of these ingredients will be available at your home .

  • Cookies to be wrapped
  • Scissors for cutting tape
  • Packing tape
  • Parchment paper

Wrapping cookies in parchment paper

Wrapping cookies in a parchment paper is easier than you think and can be worth the effort if done correctly.

Here is a step-by-step guide to wrapping cookies in parchment paper.

  1. First of all you will have to get cookies. You can make cookies yourself or buy them from a grocery store.
    Either way, you should make sure they are fresh.
  2. After that you should consider placing them into your parchment paper.
    If you want to wrap every cookie separately, then cut the parchment paper into squares while keeping it in original shape if you want pack several cookies together.
  3. After that you should tuck the corners of the parchment under the cookie if you are wrapping it separately.
    While wrapping multiples together, you should fold the sides of parchment paper over and then wrap from both ends .
  4. Finally you should consider sealing it with a tape to make sure that the wrapping doesn’t open after some time.

how to make stickers with tape and parchment paper

Parchment paper can also be used to make stickers at home . These can be fun for kids, and you can also use them to design your utensils.

Furthermore, you can also make a sticker of any inspirational image on internet so that you can see it any time.

It’s easy as it sounds, and everyone can make stickers if they follow the steps correctly.


To make stickers from parchment paper, you will need the following ingredients.

  • images that you want to use
  • Scissors to cut images and tape
  • Packing tape
  • Parchment paper

Making stickers with parchment paper

Making stickers with parchment paper is really fun, and you can follow this step-by-step guide to make your own stickers at home.

While doing so you should make sure that you are using a parchment paper and not wax paper.

  1. First of all you will have to find the images that you want to make stickers from.
    You can also download and print them from internet if you want. After that you should cut them in the shape of a sticker.
  2. After that, you should take a parchment paper and place it on a flat surface.
    After placing the parchment paper, you should stick a small portion of the packing tape onto the parchment paper.
    Its sticky surface should be facing downwards towards the parchment paper.
  3. After that, you should place the images that you want to make stickers of onto the packing tape.
    These should be placed at a good distance from each other to be cut easily when needed.
  4. After that, place a portion of packing tape onto the images .
    It should also be facing downwards so that images are fixed between two cuts of packing tape.
    You should make sure to remove any air bubbles from the tape.
  5. Now you have successfully made stickers from your parchment paper.
    You can peel off the parchment paper and stick the sticker to any surface when you need it.

how to smooth buttercream with parchment paper

Cakes are often baked to be served at the birthday parties or other events. So you need to make sure that they look as delicious in appearance as they are in flavor.

To make sure your cake has a good appearance, you should consider making it’s buttercream smooth.

Here is a step-by-step guide to making buttercream smooth.

  1. First of all, you should take a cake that needs to be prepared.
    You should make sure to wait for enough time to develop a crust over the butcher’s cream.
  2. After that, you should use parchment paper that is smooth and doesn’t have a pattern over it.
    Place the paper over the cake and rub gently.
  3. After you have smoothed the top side, you should run the cake all around to make sure the cake has the same overall appearance.
    It will remove any bubbles present on the surface of cake and give it a smooth shape.

which side of parchment paper goes up

There is no restriction to which side should face up because both sides of parchment paper are prepared equally and have the same amount of silicone.
So it doesn’t matter which side is going up or which is going down.

The final Verdict

Parchment paper can heat up to 500°F , but overheating for a long time can lead to darkening and even burning of parchment paper.
You should make sure that the parchment paper is not in direct contact with the oven walls to reduce the chances of fire.

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