What to spray on the ribs while smoking

smoked ribs

Spritzing is one of the most controversial topics in the BBQ space. But you can’t deny the fact that it can help you make the ribs more tender and delicious. There are endless choices for spritzing ribs, but beginners can get overwhelmed. So it’s a common question about what to spray on ribs while smoking. … Read more

How long does smoked cheese last?

How long does smoked cheese last?

Have you ever wondered about the shelf life of smoked cheese? It’s a question that arises when you want to savor that delightful smoky flavor without compromising on freshness. In this article, we explore the longevity of smoked cheese, providing you with valuable insights to ensure your cheesy indulgence stays at its best. In short, … Read more

Do you flip meat when smoking?

Do you flip meat when smoking

Are you a fan of the smoky, tender flavors of smoked meat? If so, you’ve probably wondered about the best techniques for achieving that perfect result. One common question that arises is whether or not to flip the meat while smoking. It’s a topic that sparks debate among pitmasters and backyard barbecue enthusiasts alike. in … Read more

how to keep ribs warm

ribs warm

Are you craving perfectly tender and succulent ribs? Wondering how to keep ribs warm so they stay deliciously hot until serving time? Well, you’re in luck! In this article, we will unveil the secrets to maintaining the ideal temperature of your mouthwatering ribs, ensuring that every bite is as satisfying as the first. Whether you’re … Read more

When does meat stop absorbing smoke

when does meat stop absorbing smoke by displaying a watch

Have you ever wondered when that succulent piece of meat on your grill reaches its peak smoky perfection? The answer lies in understanding the critical moment when meat stops absorbing smoke. In this informative blog post, we unlock the secrets behind achieving the ideal balance of smokiness in your grilled delicacies. Get ready to enhance … Read more

Do you flip ribs when smoking

smoked ribs

Smoking ribs is a really complicated process because ribs can dry out and get overcooked pretty quickly. So you need to stay on top of the smoking process to enhance the flavour of your ribs while smoking. So it is a common question whether to flip your ribs when smoking or not. As a general … Read more

How often to spritz pork shoulder

The Importance of Spritzing Your Pork Shoulder

Smoking is a lengthy process that can take several hours to complete. During this time, you need to maintain the moisture of the pork shoulder to avoid it drying out. Spraying is the most effective way to keep pork shoulder from drying out. However, spritzing must be done at the proper time to avoid affecting … Read more

What to do with spare rib trimmings

What to do with spare rib trimmings

Spare ribs are an excellent choice of ribs that can be used for BBQ, but you may end up with a pile of spare rib trimmings. Most newbies get confused about what to do with spare rib trimmings. In this article we are going to explain all the stuff related to this question. Let’s get … Read more

How to tell when sausage is done

How to tell when sausage is done

Sausages are the go-to choice for people who want to taste the deliciousness of meat but are not ready to put in much effort. These are inexpensive and also come in different varieties that can be easily bought from grocery stores. But it can be tricky to tell when a sausage is done. You can … Read more

Why does smoked meat upset my stomach

man with upset stomach

Smoking is a low and slow process that can take hours or even days to complete. It requires the pitmasters to be careful throughout the process to prevent it from contamination. Your stomach can get upset by consuming smoked meat for several reasons. The most common of them are discussed below. First of all, smoking … Read more