Do the Traeger Pro 575 have a smoke setting?

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Traeger is one of the leading brands in the barbecue industry due to their effective and durable products.

These products are user-friendly and have the flavour of traditional cigarettes at the same time.

One of these products is the Traeger Pro 575.

The Traeger Pro 575 is a fairly new grill that is a bit different than the usual Traeger grills.

So if you are a new Traeger Pro 575 user, then you might have a hard time figuring it out.

One of the most common questions from new users is whether the Traeger Pro 575 has a smoke setting.

The answer to this question is no on all three counts.

The Traeger Pro 575 doesn’t come with a smoke setting.

But you can get a good amount of smoke by using good-quality pellets and heating up the grill to the 170-200°F range.

By doing so, the pellets present inside the grill will start to smoke, and you will get a good smokey flavour on your meat.

But you need to keep in mind that the quality of the pellets may affect the amount and concentration of smoke you get.

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When I started using my Traeger Pro 575 for the first time, I was literally shocked to know that the grill didn’t have a smoke setting.

But after researching for hours and practising it, I decided to create resources about the Traeger Pro 575 Smoke Setting on Barbecue Pals to help all the new owners.

So let’s get started.

Is there a smoke setting on the Traeger Pro 575?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is no.

The Traeger Pro 575 does not feature a smoke setting in its design.

The smoke setting is missing, despite the fact that there are some ways to get a good quality smoke using the grill.

Although the Traeger Pro 575 is similar in design to other Traeger grills like the Traeger Pro 22, it doesn’t contain any smoke settings.

Maybe they decided to let go of the smoke setting to give a bit more control to the user for smoke management.

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Although sometimes the giving more control can result in malfunction and smoke can start coming out of the hopper.

Either way, it is really a major setback for the users, especially for the previous transfer customers.

The reason is that most Traeger grills have a smoke setting, and the users are used to it to some extent.

Although we have to admit that the Traeger Pro 575 is still a good grill despite the fact that it doesn’t have a smoke setting, The reason is that you can get a good amount of smoke from the Traeger Pro 575 using a simple process.

So it is not a big deal.

How do I get smoke on the Traeger Pro 575?

Although the Traeger Pro 575 lacks a built-in smoke setting, producing a good quality, thin, blue smoke with the Pro 575 is not difficult.

Here are some effective tips for getting smoke on your Traeger Pro 575.

Use good-quality pellets

The Traeger Pro 575 produces smoke inside the burnpot using wood pellets.

Pellets are made up of condensed sawdust.

These can produce a good amount of smoke at a specified temperature.

Traeger also manufactures their own pellets for use in their grills.

These pellets are also of good quality, and Traeger recommends only using these pellets in Traeger grills to make them durable.

However, depending on your preferences, you can also use other commercially available pellets.

While using pellets in the Traeger Pro 575, you need to be extremely careful about the quality of the pellets.

The reason is that smoke will be produced from the burning of these pellets.

If you use low-quality pellets in your grill, then they will produce bad smoke, which can affect the appearance and flavour of smoked meat.

Usually, it is a common fact that the smoke produced by the hardwood pellets is more intense and better than that produced by the softwood pellets.

So you should consider using hardwood pellets if you want a good smoky flavor.

According to my experience, the Traeger pellets usually have a mild flavor.

So, if you want a good smokey flavour in your food, you can use any other brand of pellets available commercially.

Set the temperature between 170-185°F

Temperature is one of the important factors in the production of smoke on a Traeger Pro 575 grill.

The concentration and quality of smoke produced by the grill depend on the temperature at which it is running.

Setting your grill temperature in the 170-185°F range will produce a good quality smoke that will impart smoky flavour onto your food without oversmoking it.

This temperature range will keep your pellets smoking and will produce good-quality thin smoke.

You need to keep an eye out for the quality of the pellets and its concentration to smoke effectively.

If you set your smoker at a temperature higher than 200°F, then there is a higher chance that the pellets will start to burn rather than smoke.

It will result in the vaporisation of pellets without producing much smoke.

On the other hand, if you set the temperature lower than 165°F, then the pellets will burn slowly and produce thick white smoke.

This smoke is really bad for the flavour of food and can result in a bitter flavor.

For effective smoking, you need thin blue smoke. but while adjusting your traeger temperature, you need to make sure that the temperature probe is accurate.

Use a water pan

If your grill temperature is overshooting or the pellets are starting to catch fire, then you should consider using a water pan inside your traeger grill.

It will help you maintain the temperature and avoid the pellets catching fire.

If the water pan is used inside the grill, it will increase the moisture inside the grill.

This will prevent the sudden overshooting of temperatures and maintain a constant temperature inside the grill.

Pellets usually catch fire when the temperature of the grill overshoots suddenly.

It can happen either due to setting a higher temperature or a malfunction.

Using a water pan can decrease the chances of such overshooting.

In addition, you are not limited to only using water inside your water pan.

You can use different liquids like apple juice, apple cider vinegar, and other beverages to add flavour to the food while avoiding the burning of pellets at the same time.

Use a smoke tube

If you are not satisfied with the smoke generated by the pellets in the Traeger Pro 575, then using a smoke tube is the best option for you.

It can help you smoke your food, whether your grill is running at higher or lower temperatures.

It is a separate piece of equipment that is usually placed inside the cooking chamber.

It emits smoke from the pellets contained within it.

On the other hand, it has a minimal effect on the temperature of the grill.

A smoke tube is just a tube with an open end and a porous build.

You just need to put your pellets inside it and ignite those pellets.

After that, you can just put it inside the cooking chamber to produce smoke without any effect on temperature.

Do all Traeger grills have super smoke?

The simple and straightforward answer to this question is no.
Some of the Traeger grills, like the Traeger Pro 22 and Traeger Pro 575, do not have a built-in smoke mode.
But on the flip side, most of the Traeger models have a smoke mode.

How long does a 20-lb bag of pellets last?

There is no black-and-white answer to this question.
A 20-lb bag can last for 6–20 hours, depending on the temperature at which you are smoking and the quality of the wood pellets used.
If the temperature is low, then the pellets will last longer, and vice versa.


The Traeger Pro 575 lacks a built-in smoke setting.

But you can get a good concentration of smoke by just using pellets in the firepot.

Although you need to be careful about the quality of the pellets and the temperature at which you are smoking.

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