How do I stop my traeger from rusting

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Traeger grills are one of the best grills on the market when it comes to grilling food with the least amount of effort possible.

But, along with the convenience, there are some drawbacks.

One of these is rusting.

In this article, we’ll go over how to keep your grill from rusting.

A short answer: To keep your Traeger grill from rusting, clean and season it every 2-3 uses.

In addition, you also need to repaint the grill regularly and store it indoors to minimize the possibility of rusting on your grill.

Rusting is not a serious problem when using a Traeger.

If you keep your grill clean and avoid exposing it to direct water, it will not rust at all.

Rusting is usually related to poor maintenance and cleaning of the grill.

I have also faced this issue on several grills, including the Traeger. it can also cause other malfunctions in the Traeger like smoke coming out of hopper.

But after researching and testing for hours, I have finally designed a few tips for maintaining my grill, which happened to be effective for avoiding rust on my grill.

Today I am going to share those tips with you to make sure your grill doesn’t rust.

Let’s get started.

6 Tips to Stop Your Traeger from Rusting

The rusting of grills is a result of improper handling and maintenance.

To stop your grill from rusting, you need to make sure that you are maintaining it properly.

Often it can be overlooked if you are not using the grill too often, but it can result in rust development.

Rusting is hazardous for the functioning of a barbecue grill.

It can damage the build of the trailer and decrease its durability.

rusted grill grates
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Moreover, it can also cause malfunctioning in a grill.

So it is really important to stop rust development on your grill.

Here are the best tips that helped me get rid of rust on my grill.

Clean your grill regularly

Poor cleaning is one of the most common reasons for rust on a barbecue grill.

If the grill is not cleaned regularly, then the oil and debris can accumulate in the grill, which can lead to the development of rust and damage the build of the smoker.

Cleaning your Traeger grill can minimize the chances of rust.

There are two main culprits when it comes to the development of rust due to poor cleaning: ash buildup and the oils used on meat.

To prevent rust from forming, you must clean both of these areas.

Clean the grease and oils

The most common cause of rust development inside a Traeger grill is the oil and sauces used while grilling meat.

These oils can result in grease accumulation, which can lead to the development of rust. you need to use a parchment paper on your grill-dripping pan to avoid rust development.

But because these ingredients are necessary for enhancing the flavor of the meat, you need to use them regularly.

The only way to avoid the development of rust from these oils is to make sure you clean them regularly.

According to Traeger, it’s best to clean your grill after every 2-3 uses to avoid rust formation.

As long as you can remove the debris from your grill, you can clean it with simple soapy water.

You should consider cleaning both the inside and outside of the grill to make sure that it is durable.

Clean up the ash buildup

Ash buildup can also lead to the development of rust in the firebox.

Although most Traeger grills use electricity as their main fuel source for the production of heat, you need to use pellets for the production of smoke.

Pellets are made up of sawdust, which can produce a lot of ash when burned.

You need to clean the ash regularly to keep your grill in good shape.

Although the oils and grease from the grill can be cleaned after every couple of uses, the ash should be cleaned after each use.

Ash cleaning doesn’t require much effort, so there is no point in letting it sit on the grill until the next use.

Ash buildup does not only affect the build of the smoker; rather, it also affects the airflow inside the grill.

So it is necessary to clean ash both to maintain airflow and to avoid rust development.

Season your grill regularly

Seasoning is one of the most important aspects of a grill, as it can help you both stop the rust’s development and keep the grill in good shape.

A grill’s seasoning should typically be done every 4-5 uses.

Seasoning helps you identify any malfunctions and also burns off the grease and other debris that might affect the build of the grill.

Some pitmasters even think that seasoning can also help you get better flavor from your grill.

To season your grill, simply coat it with vegetable oil and heat it at 350-400°F for 2-4 hours.

After that, you need to clean the grill completely and dry it before use.

Keep your grill dry

Rust usually develops on a grill when it gets moist, either due to direct contact with water or humidity.

It would help if you considered drying your grill after cleaning it to make sure that you are not giving any chance for the development of rust.

You can use a simple towel or paper towel to dry up your grill after cleaning.

rusted grill
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After cleaning your grill, you should consider drying it completely.

Rust will form if the grill is reassembled without being thoroughly dried.

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Use a grill cover

A grill cover is another effective tool that can help you decrease the chances of getting rust on your It is usually used when you are not using your grill and it is left out in the shed or an open area for a longer period.

Weather can change suddenly, and rainwater can enter the firebox of your grill if it is not covered.

It may cause dampening of your wood pellets.

These damp pellets can result in the development of rust if they are left in the grill for a longer period.

A grill cover doesn’t cost much, but it can be effective in making sure that your grill doesn’t come into contact with rainwater.

It is a must-have tool that you should have in your arsenal to make sure that your Traeger grill becomes durable and resistant to rust.

Store indoors

Storing your grill indoors when not in use is another effective way to prevent rust on your grill.

If your grill is stored inside, then there is minimal chance of coming into contact with the water.

Some pitmasters think that storing your grill indoors is not necessary if you have a shed.

I disagree with them.

The reason is that a shed can protect your grill from rainwater, but if the moisture in the environment increases, then it can affect the build of your smoker.

Repaint your grill if the paint is flaking off

Traeger grills are usually painted with an anti-corrosion paint when they are manufactured.

This paint can protect the grill from rust for a longer period.

So your grill might not rust until the anti-corrosion paint is applied.

But if the grill is not maintained, then the paint can start to flake off.

grill ready to be repainted
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It can occur either due to exposing the grill to water too often or physical damage. although using water pan inside your traeger grill is still important.

Either way, your paint can start to flake off and increase the chances of rust.

To avoid this possibility, you need to repaint the grill immediately if the paint is flaking off.

You can buy Traeger anti-corrosion paint from their website or use any other paint available commercially.

But you need to keep in mind that the paint should be heat-resistant.

How do I stop my Traeger drip pan from rusting?

One of the most common places for rust to form on a grill is the drip pan.

The reason is that the drip pan comes into contact with the water, oils, and meat juices frequently.

So the grease can build up on it, which can lead to the development of rust.

To stop the development of rust on your drip pan, you should consider cleaning it regularly.

You need to make sure that it doesn’t contain any form of grease or oil by cleaning it regularly.

You need to make sure that it doesn’t contain any form of grease or oil.

In addition, you should also consider seasoning your smoker to get rid of the grease that might not come with simple cleaning.

Another effective way to avoid the development of rust on your drip pan is to cover it with aluminum foil.

By doing this, the oils will not come in contact with the pan directly, and you can simply replace the foil after every use.

The development of rust on a drip pan is a common thing.

A drip pan is placed in a smoker to avoid the dripping of oils onto the fire.

So it has to come into contact with oils.

The only way to prevent rust formation is to clean it after every couple of uses.

Frequently asked questions

here are some faqs that you might have.

How do I stop my Traeger baffle plates from rusting?

Baffle plates are also one of the most crucial parts of a grill.

These help a grill retain heat for a longer time and avoid sudden temperature changes.
But due to coming into contact with moisture frequently, it might get rusted over time.
To stop the development of rust on your Traeger barbecue plates, you need to clean and season them regularly.

You should first consider scraping the rust and then apply any seasoning oil.
After that, season and clean the grill to get rid of rust.

You can use any vegetable oil, especially canola oil, for seasoning.

After that, you should scrape the rusted area with a brush to remove the rust.

Lastly, season it and vacuum it to remove all the rust particles from your baffle plates.

do traeger grills rust

Yes, Traeger grills do rust if they are not maintained properly.
Like all other grills, Traeger grills are also made up of metal which is prone to rust.

The metal is then painted with rust-resistant paint to decrease the chances of rust development.

But If the grill is not maintained properly, then the paint can flake off over time.

To avoid rust development on your grill, you should avoid using it rain, dry it properly before use, clean it properly, and repaint it if the paint flakes off.

Why has my Traeger drip tray started to rust?

The drip tray is the most common part of Traeger that can start to rust over time.

It can be due to various reasons but the most common reason is that it frequently comes in contact with oil and water.

These drippings can lead to rust development if not cleaned properly.

Grills are often heated to higher temperatures for grilling or searing, due to which it is completely normal for the parts of grills to rust over time.

To avoid rusting your drip tray, you should consider placing an aluminum foil sheet on top of it to avoid the oils from coming in direct contact with the tray.


Traeger grills usually have a wonderful build and are resistant to rust.

But if they are not maintained properly, then they might start to rust over time.

To stop the rust development on your grill, you need to follow the tips mentioned above.

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