Are electric smokers bad for your health?

are electric smokers bad for your health

The simplest answer to this question will always be “No.” Electric smokers are not bad for your health. They have the same characteristics as traditional smokers . They only differ in terms of design and fuel source for producing heat. Electric smokers are the most advanced types of smokers that use electricity to heat up … Read more

Cajun injector smoker troubleshooting

cajun injector smoker troubleshooting

Cajun electric smokers are one of the beginner-friendly smokers that are a go-to choice for newbies. In addition to being easy to use , they are also a good choice if you are tight on a budget. If we take into account their cost along with their effectiveness, they are worth the price. Cajun injector … Read more

Can you use Masterbuilt smoker in rain?

Can you use  Masterbuilt smoker in rain?

Masterbuilt smokers are one of the most user-friendly pieces of equipment when it comes to smoking. They provide the flavour of traditional charcoal smokers with the least effort. But being an electric smoker, it is really confusing whether we can use Masterbuilt smokers in the rain. In today’s article, we are going to discuss all … Read more