Are electric smokers bad for your health?

Last Updated on: 23rd April 2023, 01:46 am

The simplest answer to this question will always be “No.” Electric smokers are not bad for your health.

They have the same characteristics as traditional smokers .

They only differ in terms of design and fuel source for producing heat.

Electric smokers are the most advanced types of smokers that use electricity to heat up the rods within the smoker, which serve as a heat source.

Their demand is increasing day by day because they have the same flavor as traditional smokers while being more comfortable to use.

We personally used traditional smokers for several years and still use them because they provide more control over the process.

But we also like to have electric smokers in our inventory because we can use them when guests are just interested in smoked meat and not the process.

Electric Smokers themselves are not bad for health like any other smoker, but the flaws in smoking and the preparation of food can lead to health problems.

This can be a problem regardless of which type of smoker you are using.

Smoking is an oil-free cooking method that can be healthy for you if done properly.

But it’s a complex process and works like a moving target .

So you can go wrong at any point of the process, which can result in the spoiling of the food.

Smoking is an excellent choice for people who are sensitive about their health and are following a diet plan .

Fat is the most common thing that should be avoided during a diet .

Smoking provides an excellent method of cooking by smoking food without oil.

Why does food smoked in electric smoker affects your health then?

Although electric smokers themselves are as safe as other traditional smokers, smoked food can still be injurious to your health if cooked improperly.

There are several reasons which can affect the food smoked inside an electric smoker.

Some of them are discussed below.

  • The most common reason for health risks caused by smoked food is improper smoking.
    The food becomes dangerous for your health when it’s over or under smoked.
    Fluctuating temperatures can be the reason for this.
  • In addition, the presence of carcinogenic chemicals inside smoked food can also cause health problems in some people.
    Smoke contains certain chemicals called polycyclic hydrocarbons, which can cause cancer inside the stomach.
  • If your smoker is not cleaned regularly, the food smoked inside it can also be injurious to your health.
    To be on the safe side, you should clean the electric smoker regularly. typically you should clean the cooking chamber after each use and the firebox after a couple of uses.
  • Even if you have smoked food to perfection, it can still be dangerous for you if you eat it on a daily basis.
    It’s a commonly known fact that an excess of anything is dangerous, and so is the case with smoked meat.
    Eating smoked meat regularly can result in health problems .
    You should consider eating smoked meat only once a week to make sure that you don’t have any complications later.
    Even if it’s hard for you to avoid smoked meat, you should at least eat it no more than twice a week.
  • In addition to the above reasons, selecting improper meat can also be the cause of health problems.
    You should consider using good quality meat without fat to get the best flavor out of the smoker.
    Although electric smokers can maintain a constant temperature for a long time, you should avoid using cold smoking for cooking your meat.
    Cold smoking can result in the development of bacteria inside your food which may cause infection.
  • If you are a diabetic or cardiovascular patient, then eating smoked meat can also be dangerous for you because it contains a higher salt content.
    This salt content comes from marinade and other additives used for flavor.

So you may have got the point that electric smokers themselves are no more than just equipment used for smoking.

you should be really careful if mold has developed on your smoker and clean it immediately.

They can’t be dangerous on their own unless you have done something wrong with your smoking process.

pit boss grills rust

In our opinion, electric smokers should be considered better than traditional smokers due to the ease of use they come with.

Traditional smokers are also better for pro level pitmasters who like to have full control over the process.

Why does smoked meat make me sick?

The most common causes of sickness caused by smoked meat are the bacteria that can grow during cold smoking and carcinogenic chemicals that are produced as a result of the burning of wood.

These carcinogens can cause stomach cancer after their metabolism.

Cold smoking is done at a low temperature for a long time .

This temperature can be as low as 40 F.

Cold smoking provides favourable conditions for the growth of some species of bacteria .

These bacteria can cause infection inside the body and cause sickness.

In addition to bacteria, carcinogens can also be a cause of sickness within your body.

These carcinogen can be present within wood or propane .

When these carcinogenic chemicals are engulfed , they can cause cancer after metabolism.

If you are a diabetic patient, then you may be sensitive to eating smoked meat because it has a large amount of salt added either as a marinade or other additives.

Diabetic patients are really sensitive to salt, and it can result in an increase in blood pressure.

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Improper cooking of meat can also be the cause of sickness.

It can result from a fluctuating temperature.

Furthermore, thick white smoke affects the flavor of the meat and gives a deep bitter taste to meat, which can be injurious.

Is smoking better than grilling?

The short answer to this question will always be yes.

Although smoked food can also be injurious if used excessively, it is still less dangerous than grilling.

The exposure of meat to direct high temperatures can result in unevenly cooked meat and the production of carcinogens.

Smoking is low and slow cooking of meat for a long time.

It can take several hours or even days to complete the smoking process.

It was used to preserve meat in ancient times, but nowadays it is used for flavor.

Grilling is the short-term cooking of meat at a higher temperature.

It is usually used for soft meat because if tougher meat is grilled, it can result in uneven cooking because the outer surface will be over-cooked while the inner side will remain uncooked.

smoked por kplaced on wooden board

Grilling often results in the production of hydrocarbons which can cause cancer in the stomach of a human being.

Furthermore, it also produces a tough black deposit at the corner of meat chunks, which can also be injurious if eaten excessively.

is smoked meat bad for your health

there is no black and white answer to this because people have been smoking for decades now and id something has been so deeply connected with culture , it needs to be beneficial or at least not harmful.

if smoking meats would have been bad for a parsons health then it would have been abandoned or prohibited decades ago. but we can see the popularity if it is only increasing day by day.

although, like everything else , abundance of smoked meat can also have bad effect on health . you need t have a check And balance when deciding how much smoked meat you will eat to stay at the safer end.


Smoking in an electric smoker is the same as smoking in a traditional smoker .

Although the method of smoking can make the food injurious to health, You should consider following proper guidelines and avoiding advanced tobacco products at the start of smoking to reduce health risks.

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