Can you use Masterbuilt smoker in rain?

Last Updated on: 13th November 2022, 09:06 pm

Masterbuilt smokers are one of the most user-friendly pieces of equipment when it comes to smoking.

They provide the flavour of traditional charcoal smokers with the least effort.

But being an electric smoker, it is really confusing whether we can use Masterbuilt smokers in the rain.

In today’s article, we are going to discuss all the nitty-gritty of that.

As per general guidelines, you should not use your Masterbuilt electric smoker in heavy rain.

However, if it’s a light sprinkle, you can use your smoker with caution.

You can also acquire a smoker cover to protect your smoker from rainwater.

Masterbuilt electric smokers are similar to other electric appliances.

So there are several risks involved in using them in a heavy downpour of rain without taking precautions.

But if you can manage to protect your smoker from rainwater and maintain the temperature constant, then you can definitely use a Masterbuilt smoker in the rain.

As a Masterbuilt smoker user, this was the most common problem I encountered at first.

Because the weather can change suddenly, and you can’t take the risk of electric shock and other stuff.

But over the years, I have upgraded my arsenal with some cool techniques to use my smoker in most conditions.

Today I am going to share these tips with you.

Let’s get started.

Can you use the Masterbuilt smoker in rain?

Masterbuilt smokers are one of the go-to choices when it comes to smoking meat or other stuff like cheese with the least amount of effort possible.

These are the most user-friendly smokers when it comes to the traditional flavour of traditional smokers.

But like all other electric instruments, masterbuilt smokers also use electricity as a fuel and thus are really dangerous to be used in the rain.

There are various risks involved in using a masterbuilt smoker in the rain, including electric shock.

You need to keep in mind that although masterbuilt smokers are designed effectively, they are not waterproof.

If rainwater gets inside the masterbuilt smoker, then it can result in heat loss and electric shock.

The short answer is that you can use your Masterbuilt smokers in the rain.

But there is a caveat! If it’s a heavy downpour along with wind, then it might be difficult to maintain the temperature of the smoker.

So you should not use your smoker in heavy rain.

The main problem with rain is that when the external weather temperature decreases suddenly, it can also affect the internal temperature of the smoker.

This sudden change can result in fluctuating temperatures in the smoker.

Another thing that might stop you from using your smoker in the rain is that the rain water can enter the smoker.

The rain water can result in the smothering of flames and the overflow of grease, which can result in the production of bad-quality smoke.

Although there are several ways to get around the rainy situation while smoking, You can use some handy tools like a smoker canopy or cover to minimize the effect of rain on your smoker.

We are going to discuss all of these in detail.

As discussed above, using an electric smoker in the rain can be difficult because it can affect the internal temperature of the smoker.

But there are some ways that you can minimize the effects of rain on your smoker and still smoke in rainy conditions.

We are going to discuss most of them here.

Let’s get started.

Smoker canopy

A smoker canopy is one of the most effective ways to use an electric smoker in the rain.

Canopies are just like a small tent that encloses the smokers and keeps them protected from the heavy downpour of rain.

These can vary depending on the size of the smoker.

Smoker canopies are really easy to setup, and you don’t need to put in much effort to protect your smoker from rain.

They come in various sizes, and you can easily find one that fits the size of your smoker.

One thing that you need to keep in mind while buying a smoker’s canopy is that it should be waterproof.

Otherwise, you will have to purchase a waterproof cover separately.

The canopy acts as a shed and prevents rainwater from getting in contact with the smoker.

Additionally, you should also keep in mind that the canopy should be placed at a safe distance from the smoker’s firebox.

The reason is that if the smoker gets too hot, the canopy can catch fire.

Smoke under a shed

Masterbuilt electric smokers are designed for outdoor use.

But they are not waterproof because they work like other electric smokers.

So if you are sure that the weather is going to get rainy, then you should consider smoking under a shed or near the wall of some building.

Sheds are a really effective way to protect your smoker from coming into contact with rainwater.

Although it may not completely prevent rainwater from falling onto the smoker, it will still be much better than using a smoker in an open area.

By placing your smoker under a shed, you can use your Masterbuilt smoker in most rainy conditions.

You should consider placing the smoker in the opposite direction of the rain so that rain will not fall onto the lid of the smoker.

But all of the pitmasters don’t have a shed in their home or can’t use it for some reason.

Yeah, I can feel you because I have been in those situations.

In this case, you can place the smoker near a wall, so that it should protect it from rain to some extent.

Insulate the smoker

The most common problem that you may encounter when using your smoker in the rain is heat loss caused by dropping weather temperatures.

This decrease in temperature can affect the internal temperature, and the temperature of the smoker can start fluctuating.

Insulation is the most effective way to avoid the heat loss of a smoker.

By insulating your smoker, you can minimise the effect of weather conditions on the internal temperature of the device.

But you should keep in mind that you should avoid using your smoker in direct rain because the rainwater can get into the smoker.

Insulating a smoker is really cheaper than you might think.

You can even do it yourself by just placing a couple of blocks around your smoker.

There are several ways to insulate your smoker, and you need to make sure that the effect of the external environment is minimized.

One of the most effective ways to insulate your smoker is by using an insulation blanket.

An insulation blanket can enclose your smoker and decrease the heat loss.

Another useful method is using tuning plates, which can also reduce heat loss.


You can use your Masterbuilt smoker in the rain if you can avoid the water entering the smoker and maintain the temperature at a constant level.

But you need to make sure that it’s not a heavy shower and that your smoker is insulated. If you face some difficuilty, then you can follow our masterbuilt smoker troubleshooting guide for a solution.

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