Can you use an electric smoker in garage?

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Yes, you can definitely use an electric smoker in a garage as long as airflow is maintained.

Electric smokers use electricity as a fuel to heat up the rod, which helps in the smoking of food.

That’s why most electric smokers are suitable for indoor use.

But you should avoid using traditional smokers inside a garage or any other indoor space.

In the case of electric smokers , you should only use your smoker inside the garage if any other outdoor shelter is not available.

If you are a long-time follower of our blog, then you should definitely know that we only share those tips with our audience that we personally use.

When it comes to using electric smokers in a garage, we generally try to avoid using any type of smoker indoors, but if a shelter is not available, then the garage can also be a good choice rather than using a smoker in heavy rain.

Although electric smokers can be used indoors, it should be considered a grey area , so you should be extremely careful about airflow maintenance and other precautions to avoid smoke buildup or fire hazard.

Before using your electric smoker in a garage, you should make sure that the airflow inside the garage is maintained.

Its one side should be wide open and the smoker should be placed near the door to maximize airflow.

Using a garage should be the last option.

Garages usually have the smell of different automobile oils, which can affect the aroma of smoked food.

Furthermore, a garage can also contain different flammable objects that can lead to a fire if not placed away.

The reason why some pitmasters argue that we can use electric smokers inside a garage is that they don’t produce smoke and work similarly to an oven.

But still, you should be careful because ovens don’t require wood chips while electric smokers do.

Furthermore, if you are interested in smoking in a garage for some reasons , you should make sure that the electric outlet is near the door of the garage so that we don’t have to use a long cord.

A long cord can result in low voltage.

In the end, a garage should be only used if it is large enough to maintain airflow inside the smoker.

If your garage is smaller and you are still left with no other options to shelter your smoker , then you should consider taking out cars and other heavy objects from the garage to free space.

Tips for using electric smokers inside a garage

Using an electric smoker inside a garage is a risky option, so pay attention to every detail to avoid damaging your smoker or garage.

Once again, we want to repeat that using an electric smoker in your garage should be your last option, and if you want to go with it, then follow these tips to minimize the risks .

  • The first and foremost thing to make sure of is that there should be an adequate amount of airflow within the garage.
    It’s not only crucial for avoiding smoke buildup but also for the distribution of heat throughout the smoker.
  • If the garage is smaller in size or you are not able to increase ventilation, then you should consider using plug-in fans to provide airflow to the smoker.
    You should consider using fans even if you are sure that the garage is ventilated.
  • Another useful trick to maintain the airflow is to try to place the smoker as close to the garage door as possible.
    You should preferably use the electric outlet near the door, and if you don’t have one, then you can use a long cord to do the job.
  • If you have some flammable objects placed inside the garage, then you should consider taking them out or moving them away from the smoker.
    Although electric smokers don’t use charcoal or propane, they can still demage flammable objects due to their high temperature.

Are there any disadvantages to using an electric smoker in a garage?

Although you can use an electric smoker in a garage with proper precautions, you should keep in mind that a little flaw can lead to dangerous outcomes.

Some of the most common situations that you can face are given below.

  • If the garage is ventilated, then the smoke coming out of the smoker can build up and lead to suffocation and other problems.
    Even if you have increased the airflow by plugging in fans , you should make sure to use an exhaust fan to remove smoke.
  • In addition to the smoke buildup, you might also face accidental fires, which can destroy your smoking plan and affect your mood suddenly.
    You should consider placing flammable objects away from the smoker to minimize the risk.
  • Lastly, it’s a common fact that the combustion of wood requires oxygen, due to which CO2 levels increase and you might face carbon dioxide buildup if the garage is not properly ventilated.
    You should consider placing the smoker near the door to minimize this risk.

Can I use an electric smoker indoors?

The simple answer to this question will be yes, but there are some specific requirements to using your electric smoker indoors.

The most important of them is proper ventilation.

If the area is not ventilated, then it can result in different health hazards.

Although, to some pitmasters, indoor usage is one of the main factors in the purchase of an electric smoker, while others think you should avoid using smokers indoors, regardless of whether they are electric or traditional.

Indoor usage is really effective in that you can use your smoker anytime without any planning.

Furthermore, you also don’t need to invest in a shelter due to indoor usage.

Lastly , electric smokers remain safe from weather conditions if they are used indoors.

While indoor usage has its advantages, it also has different disadvantages.

One of the main disadvantages is that it can lead to the buildup of smoke and CO2, which can lead to suffocation.

Furthermore, there is always a fire risk involved when using it indoors.

How do you vent a garage?

If you are going to use your electric smoker inside a garage, then you should make sure to ventilate it properly to avoid any risks.

There are different tricks available to increase ventilation inside a garage, but we are going to share only the most effective ones.

  • First, you should make sure to add at least one exhaust fan at the top of the garage to expel smoke from the garage.
    Smoke buildup is the most common problem that most pitmasters face when using a smoker indoors, and it can be solved by using an exhaust fan.
  • Airflow is necessary for the distribution of heat within the smoker.
    To increase airflow within the garage, you should consider adding 2 or more plug-in fans to increase the airflow within the smoker.
  • Another reason for decreased airflow inside the garage is its small size. To avoid this problem, you should consider parking your car outside the garage while smoking inside.
    Moreover, you should also take out the objects that block the airflow.


Using an electric smoker inside a garage is like staying in a grey area. You can do this if you are careful about airflow and other factors.

But you should only use it as a last resort to keep from getting into trouble.

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