Can You Smoke Meat in a propane smoker in the Rain?

Last Updated on: 26th April 2023, 09:45 pm

Propane Smokers are ideal for low and slow cooking because they let you set it and forget it .

But they can be affected by weather due to smoking for several hours or even a day.

Weather change is often unexpected and causes problems while smoking.

In this blog post we will discuss whether you can smoke in a propane smoker in the rain or not.

If yes, then how can you do that? So let’s get started without any delay.

Can You Smoke Meat in a propane smoker in the Rain?

The short answer to this will be yes on all three counts, but it depends on different factors,among which the main factor is whether it’s light or heavy rain.

The propane smoker is not affected by the rain as long as the internal temperature is maintained.

Although the rain can result in a decrease in the external temperature, which then affects the smoker’s internal temperature.

If the rain is not heavy, then it will only prolong the time required for smoking and usually require more fuel to maintain the temperature.

But sometimes the rain is so heavy that it’s literally pouring water onto the smoker.

Then you should take the necessary precautions to smoke comfortably and evenly.

It’s better to reschedule the smoking if possible, but if you are in a situation where you have to smoke the meat during rain, then there are multiple tricks to get around this, which we will discuss in a moment.

How to Smoke Meat in the Rain

Smoking requires maintaining the internal temperature of the smoker for a longer time to smoke evenly and provide good flavor.

There are several factors involved in maintaining the temperature of a smoker, like airflow and humidity, which you can adjust to get your desired temperature.

But weather is an unpredictable factor and is beyond your control .

So you can’t control it, rather you have to be prepared to tackle it if it changes.

So it can be a bit challenging.

If you have spent some time smoking, then you may know that even a slight change in weather can affect the internal temperature drastically.

If rain is accompanied by wind, then smoking can become a nightmare.

Air can push the heat out of the smoker, which results in a sudden drop in smoker temperature, which can result in unevenly cooked meat, which will have a bad taste.

The following guidelines should be followed to smoke in temperature during rain.

Insulated smoker

If you are planning to smoke in an area where the chances of rain are higher or you want to smoke in cold weather without any complications, then it’s better to buy an insulated smoker.

The maintenance of an exact temperature is the most important factor for smoking efficiently.

When using an insulated smoker, the heat produced is trapped within the smoker for a longer time, which helps in maintaining the temperature.

If the smoker is insulated, then the internal temperature will not be affected by weather conditions.

Avoid opening the lid

Most pitmasters have the common habit of opening the lid of the smoker too often to check the internal temperature.

It can cause problems if you are smoking in cold weather.

The heat from the smoker can leak out and cold air can get in.

This can result in a drop in the smoker’s temperature, which can be difficult to heat up again due to cold air getting inside.

It’s better to use a built-in thermometer or other thermometers that give an exact reading of the temperature without opening the lid.

In this way, the internal heat will remain trapped inside while you will also be aware of the internal temperature so that you can adjust the airflow accordingly.

Check weather forecast

The most important factor in rain smoking is not smoking in the rain.

In other words, you should schedule your smoking on a day when rain is not expected.

So it’s better to check the weather forecast to stay updated on weather conditions and plan accordingly.

Light rain along with wind

Rain is not a problem as long as the internal temperature is kept stable and water does not fall directly on the smoker.

But if the rain is accompanied by wind, then it can affect the internal temperature.

To tackle this situation,it’s better to grab an umbrella and place it in the direction of the wind so that it should protect the smoker from wind.

Smoking is a set and forget type of technique in which you have to wait for hours to get your meat smoked.

So you don’t need to stand by your smoker all day long, although you will have to check it from time to time.

To begin, simply shield it from the wind, light the fire, and let it roll on its own.

3 Ways to Make Smoking in the Rain Easier

But if the rain is heavy and you can’t get around with these simple tweaks, then it’s better to protect the smoker from rain.

Some people are more interested in enjoying the weather rather than adjusting the temperature of their smoker all the time.

Convenience always comes at a cost .

So you will have to protect the smoker from rain at any cost.

There are three ways you can keep your smoker away from rain water, which are given below.

The Area Around Your Home

As is obvious by the name, you will have to find an area around your home that should give cover to smokers.

It needs to be perfect. You can use anything that can give a little bit of protection to the smoker from rain.

The most common areas that can be used for this purpose are trees or the extended parts of the roof, also known as sheds.

The most important thing to keep in mind while selecting such an area is that it should be ventilated so that the airflow should not be hindered.

Smoking requires maintaining the right temperature for a longer time, which can only be maintained through adjusting airflow.

Another important point to keep in mind is not placing a smoker in an enclosed area like a store room or anything like that.

The smoker should always be placed in an area open to ventilation.

Furthermore, placing the smoker in the garbage can also affect the taste of the food and produce thick smoke, which can result in coughing and other health issues .

Placing your smoker under a roof cover is an excellent way to protect it from rain while smoking, but it’s not possible for everyone to have such areas around their home .

In addition, smokers also take up a lot of space, so the area may not be available to some people.

Those can go with the other two ways to smoke in the rain.

smoking canopies

A smoking canopy is an inexpensive and easy way to protect your smoker from rain.

They don’t require much effort or expertise in setting them up.

Furthermore, they come in a bunch of types and sizes. so you can easily find one that suits you.

Smoking canopies are really efficient when you want to just use them once , remove them, and set them up again when needed.

They also have two sides that are open, which provides enough area for ventilation and airflow.

Smoking canopies are safe to use , cost less than gazebos, and are easy to set up .

As a result, they may be better for beginners on a budget or pros who are occasionally disrupted by rain.

Moreover, they provide excellent protection against rain with less effort.

Smoker gazebo

Smoking gazebos are an efficient way of protecting smokers from rain .

but they are a little bit more expensive than smoking canopies.

They are just like tents designed specifically for smoking in the rain. They should be placed at a safe distance from the smoker to avoid being damaged by smoke.

They come with a tin roof to provide ventilation to the smoker and give a pathway for the secretion of gases.

They are waterproof and designed to keep water away from the smoker.

They can be helpful in protecting smokers from rain as well as providing shelter to smokers in summer.

They are long lasting and give a pleasant feel of traditional smoking. They come in two types of builds, wooden and metallic.

Metal gazebo are more resistant to water and heat and are durable then wooden gazebos.

But wooden gazebos come in different varieties which make possible to choose any design you want depending on your expertise and budget .

while metal have less option for versatility they can be easy to assemble.


It is possible to smoke in rain as long as you have different accessories with you to avoid complications during the process.

But cold weather can definitely prolong smoking of meat like jerky and can result in some temperature Fluctuations.

So it’s better to avoid smoking in cold weather or rainy condition of possible.

We hope this article wood help solve your confusion of whether you can smoke in rain or not.

if you want to learn more about propane smokers then make sure to check out our guide on regulating temperature in a propane smoker

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