How to insulate my offset smoker?

Last Updated on: 20th April 2023, 11:25 pm

Insulation is a key factor for getting the most out of your smoker. It can help in heat Retention and even cooking of food.

 But most of the pitmasters get confused on how to insulate an offset smoker. In this article we will discuss all the nitty gritty of insulation that you need to know. Let’s get started.

How to insulate your offset smoker

Insulating an offset smoker is necessary when it comes to smoking in cold weather. If the smoker is not insulated then the external weather might influence the internal temperature and cause fluctuations which results in unevenly Cooked food.

For insulating an offset smoker, insulation jackets can’t be used because they are horizontal and can’t be equipped with an Insulation jacket easily. 

Usually insulation blankets are used for insulating the offset smoker because they can fit any size.

To insulate an offset smoker effectively, two types of products are used in combination to provide maximum insulation. These are

  1. Insulation blanket to insulate the top of smoker
  2. Tuning plates to insulate the bottom of smoker

It is a known fact that heat will be higher near the firebox and Lower near the top of an offset smoker due to uneven distribution of Heat.

 By placing tuning plates at the bottom which retain and reflect the heat upward and placing an Insulation blanket at top which reduces the heat loss, the temperature will become even throughout the smoker after some time.

Benefits of  Insulating Your offset Smoker

An Insulated smoker can save a lot of effort while smoking and make smoking more fun. insulating your smoker is a critical part for improving the performance of your smoker.

The most important benefit that an insulated smoker provides is that it maintains the temperature constant throughout the process without fluctuations.

But there are several other benefits that come along with it . Some of these benefits are given below

Evenly smoked food

The insulation in the smoker leads to an even distribution of heat throughout the smoker which results in even cooking of food. 

It is a common known fact that the temperature of the top corners of an offset smoker is different from that of lower corners because they are near to the heat source. 

But if the bottom of the smoker is equipped with tuning plates and the smoker is insulated then the temperature will become constant throughout the smoker after some time. 

It is really helpful because in smoking we have to maintain the right temperature to cook meat properly, if the temperature is constant throughout the smoker then we can be sure that we are adjusting correctly.

If the temperature of a smoker is fluctuating and heat is being distributed unevenly then our meat will get Cooked unevenly.

If the smoker is insulated then heat loss is reduced and food is cooked evenly to perfection.

Smoking in cold weather

Smoking in cold weather is like fighting an uphill battle because the heat produced is lost due to cold weather and you can’t reach the required temperature of smoking.

 If the smoker is insulated and heat produced is being retained and the smoker can reach the required temperature quickly.

Often it’s considered that smoking is only needed for cold weather but in fact smoking can be helpful in unexpected weather conditions like wind too.

 Wind can push the heat out of the firebox and cold air into the smoker which can affect the temperature of the smoker. It can also be negated by insulating your smoker.

Fuel preservation

Smoking requires good quality fuel which can produce smoke and heat for a longer time . An insulated smoker reduces the heat loss and heat produced is used efficiently. 

The heat is retained in smokers for a longer time so less fuel is required for completing the smoking process.

Types of Smoker Insulators

There are a wide range of smoker insulators which range from commercially available products to self made products which provide insulation to smokers. 

You will have to select one of your choices depending on what type of smoker you have. Some of the most commonly used insulation products are given below.

Insulating Jacket

Insulation jackets are the easiest way of Insulating your smoker. But yet they are usually available for Vertical smokers only.

 They are easy to use and require no technical expertise to set up. Only thing to keep in mind is that it should fit the size of the smoker ,so that heat loss can be reduced.

These are made up of aluminum and fabric which provide excellent retention of heat and maintain temperature for a longer time.

 The aluminum is on the outer surface and fabric is on the inner surface in insulation jackets.

These are easily available commercially and really efficient for reducing heat loss. Only drawback for using an insulation jacket is that it only fits a certain smoker and can’t be used for any random smoker you built at home.

Another thing to keep in mind is that these can’t be used to insulate the firebox because the temperature in the firebox of a smoker is much higher.

 which can burn the insulation jackets. These are only used for insulating cooking chambers.

Insulation Blanket

Insulation blanket is another type of insulation product that is commonly used to insulate an offset smoker. These are also easy to use and have no complex setup.

 In addition these can also be made at home and are inexpensive if bought commercially.

The basic build components of the insulation jacket and insulation blanket are the same but they differ in the structure. In an insulation blanket, aluminum is on the inner surface and fabric is on the outer surface.

 The placement of aluminum on the inner surface is really effective because it reflects heat and maintains temperature.

These can be used for any smoker as long as they can fit in it. Usually they are used for offset smokers but they are equally effective for Vertical smokers. 

The only thing that you need to keep an eye on is that it should be wrapped tightly to avoid any leakage.

 Welding Blanket

Welding blankets are easy to use and inexpensive types of insulation products that are commonly used for homebuilt smokers.

 Welding blankets were first designed to protect the welders from fire sparks but emerged as an Insulation product due to being heat resistant and having insulating properties.

There are several types of welding blanket which differ in the temperature they can withstand. The most heat resistant welding blankets are known as felt blankets. 

These can be a huge relief when it comes to heating smokers to higher temperatures without damaging insulation blankets.

Is insulating an offset Smoker too Costly?

Insulating an offset smoker doesn’t cost much if we compare it with the comfort it comes with. A normal insulation product will cost between 100 -200$ which will provide you enough insulation to smoke in cold weather without much effort.

Insulating an offset smoker is really worth it because it makes sure you don’t go wrong with smoking either if you are a beginner or smoking in cold weather.

 It provides you with evenly Cooked meat with less effort and more fun.

If you can’t afford to buy a good Insulation product then it’s better to build one at home. Normally you can build welding blankets and insulation blankets at home if you know what you are doing. 

The simplest form of insulating an offset smoker is to just use a cement board inside the firebox to reduce the heat loss.


The thickness of a smoker depends on the weather conditions in which you are planning to smoke. If you are planning to smoke in normal conditions then you can go with any thickness as long as it reduces the heat loss.

If you are smoking in cold weather then you should consider increasing the thickness of the smoker to make sure it can retain the heat.

 The normal thickness of insulation for an offset smoker should be around 1 inch so that it can minimize the effect of weather on internal temperature.


Insulating your offset smoker should be your priority if you are really interested in smoking. It doesn’t require much effort but once done it can be a huge relief.  Using an insulation blanket along with tuning plates will minimize the heat loss. If you are interested in getting deeper into the smoking knowledge then consider checking out our process to seasoning an offset smoker here.

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