Can you use wood chips in offset smoker

wood chips in offset smoker

Offset smokers are the the best choice for getting the feel of traditional smoking and also provide better flavor than other set it and forget it type of smokers. But these are more complex than other smokers due to which beginners often get confused while using it. One of the most common confusions that most … Read more

6 Best offset Smokers under 1000: the complete guide

Best offset smoker under $1000

Did you know that there are over 50 different offset smoker models available on the market today, all priced under $1000? That’s right, a wide range of options to suit every budget and preference. As a true aficionado of barbecue, it’s crucial to choose the most suitable smoker that not only fits your budget but … Read more

Can you use an offset smoker as a grill?

use an offset smoker as a grill?

Offset Smokers are the most efficient for smoking whether we talk about temperature or taste. But they are quite expensive than other smokers ,which might limit your budget to buy a separate grill for grilling. So we have gathered all the important information required to start grilling with an offset smoker.  As a general rule, … Read more

how to cold smoke with offset smoker

smoke with offset smoker

Cold Smoking is an ancient way of preserving meat for a longer time . But nowadays it’s popular for the flavor and tenderness it provides.  It can be a bit overwhelming when starting out but you can master it by this article you will learn a complete guide on how to cold smoke with … Read more

where to place water pan in offset smoker

place water pan in offset smoker

Smoking meat is one of the easiest ways to enjoy delicious, flavorful dishes. With so many types of smokers on the market today, it can be difficult to know which smoker will better suit your needs. However, there are a few things that every smoker has in common; they all need fuel and they all … Read more

How Much Charcoal to use for an Offset Smoker

Charcoal to use for an Offset Smoker

charcoal is the main heat source when it comes to smoking in an offset smoker. But while using offset smoker for first time you may get confused on how much charcoal to use in an offset smoker. In this article we are going to clear all of your confusions about using charcoal in an offset … Read more

how to clean offset smoker

cleaning offset smoker

Offset smokers are the best equipment for taking smoking to beyond limits and experiencing traditional smoking flavor. but they come with some complexities ,one of those is their cleaning. To solve this for one and forever for our audience , i researched on how to clean an offset smoker for a whole day and came … Read more

How Do Offset Smokers Work?

offset smoker work

It’s not just what you cook in your smoker that matters. It’s also how you cook it. offset smokers are a bit complex , so the beginners might get confused about how to use them. Here are the basics of an offset smoker for anyone who isn’t very familiar with them. Offset smokers are a … Read more

Can you use wood in a charcoal smoker

Can you use wood in a charcoal smoker

Yes, you can use wood in a charcoal smoker because it imparts a smokey flavor to the food. The charcoal smoker basically has two fuel sources: charcoal and wood. Charcoal is used to provide a constant high temperature, while wood is used to produce a stream of smoke to give flavor to food. In fact, … Read more