what wood do you use in an offset smoker?

wood in an offset smoker?

Smoking in offset smoker is carried out by using charcoal for heat production and wood for imparting flavor. Every type of wood has its  specific flavor . It can be overwhelming for beginners to choose best wood to use in offset smoker. In this article we are going to explain everything thing you need to … Read more

what to do if smoker is not hot enough

smoker is not hot enough

Smoking is the most sophisticated cooking process that depends on maintaining the constant temperature for a longer time. It can become frustrating when your smoker is not getting hot enough  due to the different malfunctioning. According to my experience, if your smoker is not getting hot enough , then you should consider removing your water … Read more

Are reverse flow smoker worth it

Are reverse flow smoker worth it

Reverse flow smokers are one of the most versatile smokers around. Many people use them as a way to smoke meats, but others take it a step further and use them as a way to cook steaks and other things on an outdoor grill.  This blog post will look at both of these options and … Read more

How to use an offset smoker ? The complete guide

an offset smoker ?

Smokers come in a lot of shapes and sizes, many of which are designed for the backyard or camping. One smoker in particular stands out though, I’m sure many of you have heard of or seen an offset smoker, they are long and rectangular, they are also extremely common.  But despite their popularity, they have … Read more

can you cook burgers on an offset smoker

burgers on an offset smoker

Offset Smokers are a versatile instrument that can cook different foods with different techniques. There are limitless recipes you can use to get the most out of your smoker.  But burgers are the one of the best food when you think of spending a bbq night with your college friends on the beach. so it … Read more

are offset smokers better than vertical

vertical smoker

Smoking is a complex process and manufacturers come with new designs to simplify it. But offset and vertical smokers still remain the leaders of the smoker designs.  While selecting your first smoker you can get confused if an offset smoker sees better than vertical or vice versa. You are not the only one,it happened with … Read more