Houston grill Theft Turns Violent: Homeowner Fires Shots at Suspect

Last Updated on: 22nd February 2024, 11:02 am

In Houston’s Harris County,there was quite the commotion when a homeowner realized their BBQ grill had gone missing.

Promptly, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office stepped in to investigate the matter in the vicinity of Ralston Road and Kentington Oak.

Sheriff Ed Gonzalez shed light on the situation, revealing that the homeowner took matters into their own hands, pursuing the suspect who had pilfered their property.

Following a pursuit, they caught up with the suspect and engaged in a confrontation, concerned about potential weaponry.

Amidst escalating tension, the homeowner discharged their firearm, resulting in the suspect being struck.

Fortunately, a companion of the suspect emerged unscathed and avoided legal repercussions.

Sheriff Gonzalez highlighted the homeowner’s cooperation throughout the investigation, providing crucial insights into the incident.

As the case progresses, it will be handed over to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office for further legal procedures, including presentation to a grand jury.

Jakob miller