Are vertical smokers good

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For many of us, barbecuing is a relaxing way to spend an afternoon. Whether you’re grilling up some burgers and hot dogs, or preparing a delicious array of ribs, steaks, and chicken, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as the smell of a barbecue.

 However, with the wide variety of smokers available, it’s not always easy to decide which one will give you the best results.Don’t worry ,we are going to help you make the Decision in a few moments. 

In this blog post, we’ll be comparing the pros and cons of offset vertical smokers to help you make the best decision possible.

Are vertical smokers good

Vertical smokers are an emerging trend for smokers. They are able to smoke multiple cuts of meat at once, and are more cost-effective than horizontal smokers. 

Vertical smokers have been given a bad rap due to the poor quality of older models, but with the emergence of newer brands and quality designs, vertical smokers have a bright future.

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With the popularity of barbecue grills and smokers, many people are looking for ways to improve their cooking experience. The offset vertical smoker is one of the most popular types of smokers.

 These smokers are a favorite for many people because they are easy to use and produce delicious results. One of the major benefits of the offset vertical smoker is that it is versatile. 

The offset vertical smoker can work with a variety of fuel including  charcoal, wood or propane. These smokers are popular because they can be used for smoking meat, fish and other types of food. 

They are also popular because you can use them to smoke cheese. There are many parts to the offset vertical smoker. These parts can be customized so that you can use the smoker to cook different types of food.

 These parts typically include a firebox, a water pan, a smoke box, an intake damper and an exhaust damper.

What is a Vertical Smoker?

A vertical smoker is a smoker that uses water to create steam. This steam is what is used to cook the meat. The steam also helps in the flavoring of the meat.

 These smokers are different from the traditional smokers used for smoking meat because the traditional smokers use charcoal and wood to create heat. 

The vertical smokers are much different because instead of using the traditional wood and charcoal, they use water and wood chips or chunks. The vertical smokers were invented in the early 1990s. They were built to make smoking food easier for people. 

The way that a traditional smoker worked was that the user would have to build a fire inside of the smoker and then use the smoker to cook the meat. The problem with this was that the meat would often get overcooked before the fire could be made.

 The idea behind the vertical smoker was that the person using the smoker would not have to build a fire in the smoker. The vertical smoker can be filled with water and then it can be plugged in. 

The heat will cause the water to turn into steam and this steam will then be used to cook the meat.

Pros of vertical smokers

Vertical smokers are indeed very versatile. 

  • Firstly, they are much easier to use than the other smokers. 
  • Vertical smokers are very user friendly
  • Also they can be cleaned easily.
  •  Additionally, vertical smokers have the ability to allow you to smoke a variety of different types of food. 
  • Vertical smokers are also considered to be safer than the other types of smokers. 
  • Finally, vertical smokers are also very affordable. The price of a vertical smoker is generally about one fourth of the price of a regular smoker.

Cons of vertical smokers

There are a few disadvantages that are associated with the vertical smoker.

  •  Not all people are aware of the fact that it is not the best choice for smoking larger cuts of meat. The reason is that it is not very versatile as people think. 
  • It is not capable of smoking large cuts of meat as well as it is incapable of putting out a lot of smoke. Smaller cuts of meat are a better option while using this smoker. 
  • The other thing that is not very good is that the wood chips and the water can’t be monitored. It is not possible to monitor the level of the wood chips or the water. 
  • The only option is to be sure that you keep a close check on the amount of water that you are adding to the smoker. 
  • The third and the most important disadvantage is that the temperature is not adjustable. You cannot regulate the temperature as per your requirements. This is a drawback as it is not possible to maintain the temperature throughout the smoking process. 
  • The temperature may fluctuate. Many people have complained about the fact that the temperature can even fluctuate by up to 20 degrees.

What is an offset smoker

An offset smoker is a smoker that has a firebox that is offset from the cooking chamber. As meat is being smoked, the smoke is drawn through a perforated opening into the cooking chamber.

 The firebox is also where the wood or charcoal is placed to create the heat to smoke the meat. 

The term “offset” refers to the fact that the firebox is not directly underneath the cooking chamber. Typically, the offset smoker is a smaller, more portable version of the traditional smoker.

 The size of the firebox on an offset smoker  can vary but usually it is  less than 100 square inches, which is roughly about the size of the cooking chamber. 

This is a great smoker for beginners because it is not as bulky as a traditional smoker. Also, because the firebox is not directly beneath the smoking chamber, the temperature is easier to regulate.

Pros of offset smoker

  • The offset smoker has some really great benefits. It has the following benefits.
  • One of the most important features is that offset smokers are more versatile than their vertical cousins. 
  • They are also much cheaper, so you can use them for a lot of different things.
  •  This can be a great benefit if you are just a beginner and don’t want to spend a lot of money on a more expensive smoker.
  •  Another great benefit is that they are easier to use. The offset smoker is much more simple to operate than the vertical smoker. 
  • Also, the offset smoker is not as difficult to clean. They are not as large as the vertical smokers, so it is much easier to clean them out. 
  • You can also find them in a wider range of sizes, depending on how much you want to smoke at a time.

Cons of offset smoker

  • The offset smoker has many advantages, but also a few disadvantages. 
  • One of the disadvantages is that these smokers require a lot of labor to maintain. Since you need to refill the water pan and wood chips every so often, you have to be around to do this. 
  • In addition, you need to keep an eye on the temperature of the smoker and make sure it stays in the right range.


You will find that offset smokers are the most common type of smoker that you will find on the market today. Vertical smokers are uncommon and are generally used by restaurants and in commercial kitchens. In this article we have compared offset smokers vs vertical smokers.

 If you’re looking for a great new smoker, we hope that you found this helpful. Thanks for reading

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