Can you use pellets in a propane smoker?

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Propane smokers are the set it and forget it type of smokers that work with propane as the main fuel source.

But the question arises whether we can use wood pellets in a propane smoker as fuel.

This blog post will help you solve this confusion ,so let’s get started.

Can you use pellets in a propane smoker?

The to-the-point answer to this question will be yes.

The wood pellets can be used in an offset smoker as fuel to give a smokey flavor to your meat.

But the main fuel source will still be propane.

The wood pellets are just added to enhance the flavor of smoked meat.

Pellets are a form made up of compressed sawdust that is used to smoke meat with good flavor.

They are a bit heavier than the wood chips because they are compressed and hold more wood content than wood chips when provided in the same area.

They are also used because of their ease of use.

They don’t require any complex setup for storage.

Although they are heavier than wood chips, they come in small sizes, which makes them more convenient for use than wood chips.

They are made from sawdust,so they contain tiny particles of wood .

So they should be kept away from the direct fuel source to avoid sudden flaring .

which can result in a sudden increase in the smoker temperature, which can burn the outer surface of the meat.

The only downside of using wood pellets over wood chips is that they are not reusable.

Once they burn,they are burnt completely and are not reusable like wood chunks.

But the ash produced by pellets is less, which makes it easier to clean.

There are two types of wood pellets available on the market which are used for different purposes.

These are food-grade pellets and are used for campfires or home heating.

For smoking meat ,it’s better to use food-grade pellets because they produce more smoke and last longer than the home heating pellets.

It’s better to season wood pellets before placing them in the smoker.

It helps them produce more smoke and enhance the flavor of meat.

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Pellets usually burn slowly if they are not exposed to direct fire.

so they burn slowly for a longer time and can be used for cold smoking.

Furthermore, the wood pellets don’t have much bark, which means that they are good for both smoking and the environment.

They don’t contaminate the environment when burned like most wood do.

In addition to that, they are also easier to clean .


  • Although you can use wood pellets in a propane smoker ,there are some precautions to take when using them so that they don’t result in an accident or unevenly cooked meat.
    By following these precautions, you can also smoke meat like jerky efficiently with a propane smoker while using pellets.
    Although pellets are in the form of chips or chunks, they are still made of wood. So it’s necessary to select the right type of pellets to smoke meat with good flavor.
    Pellets made from low quality wood can produce different chemical materials on burning, which can affect the taste of meat being smoked.
  • Avoid using pellets that are made from bark. Bark is useful for campfires, but it should not be used for smoking because it produces thick smoke that is harmful to the lungs.
    Smoking You should also exercise caution when adding pellets to the smoker.
    If you add more pellets at a single time, then it can result in the blockage of the ventilation, which can smother the flames.
  • You should also be careful about exposing them to direct fire, which can result in overshooting of the internal temperature by more than the required temperature.
    It’s better to cover them with aluminum foil so that they do not burn quickly while producing smoke for a longer time.

Is thick white smoke coming out of a propane smoker a good sign?

When you are smoking with a smoker, sometimes you may encounter thick white smoke coming out of your smoker.

It’s not a good sign because it means that your wood chips or pellets are burning too quickly, which can result in an increase in temperature.

Propane smokers are used for low and slow cooking for long periods of time, so high temperatures can demage their build.

Furthermore, the sudden increase in temperature can affect the flavor of smoked meat.

If the temperature keeps fluctuating, then you may not be able to decide whether your meat is smoked or not, which can result in it being smoked unevenly.

To avoid the quick burning of the pellets ,it’s better to place them away from the fire so that they don’t catch fire and keep burning slowly.

It’s also good practice to cover them with aluminum foil to protect them from fire and use them for a longer time.

If these are not working, then you can also try soaking your wood chips with water or juices to avoid the random flaring of wood chips and maintain a constant flow of smoke and heat throughout the smoking process.

Furthermore, you can also try closing your bottom vent because if the bottom vent is open, it can result in the fire getting enough oxygen for burning the fuel and burning too quickly.

If the bottom vent is closed, then the fire will maintain a steady flame without being affected by airflow.

How To Choose The Right Wood Chips For Your Propane Smoker?

Choosing the right type of wood is necessary for smoking because if you select the wrong wood in this step, there is no chance that you can smoke the meat with good flavor.

Different meats require different woods for their smoking, so you should follow these guidelines to make sure you don’t go wrong with this step .

  • The first and most important consideration when choosing a wood for smoking is the type of meat you intend to smoke.
    Some types of meat are soft and can be cooked at a high temperature, while others are tough, which require slow cooking so that they cook evenly from both the inside and outside of the smoker.
  • If you are planning to smoke for a long time, then it’s better to use hardwood because it doesn’t burn quickly and can last for a longer time. Hence, it’s best for smoking tough meat for a longer time.
  • If you are planning on grilling or smoking food that requires less time, then you can go with soft wood.
    It burns quickly and produces more heat at once.
  • Last but not least, you should research to decide which kind of wood is best for the meat you want to smoke.
    Selecting the wrong wood can affect the taste of your meat, so it’s better to select it carefully.

how often to add wood chips to propane smoker

It’s better to read the instructions provided by the manufacturer to decide how often you need to add wood chips.

But mainly, it will depend on the size and shape of the meat.

If you are smoking large chunks of meat, then you should add wood chips frequently so that the smoke is produced constantly.

Most commonly, the wood chips are added in the first hour of the smoking process when the fire has been lit for some time with propane.

It makes sure that your meat gets the traditional smoked flavor while being smoked with gas.

Most of the pitmasters add all of the chips available in a package at once, which should be avoided.

It can result in the blockage of the airflow, which can result in the smothering of flames.

You should add only a small amount at first and then keep adding throughout the process.

Tips for smoking with pellets

  • You should add wood pellets slowly but also make sure to add enough to produce smoke.
  • If you are planning to spend long hours smoking, then use hardwood pellets.
  • You should only use wood pellets after research. Use the pellets that are best for smoking you Meat.
  • Don’t overheat your smoker; it can result in uneven cooking of meat.
  • You should also clean your smoker regularly to make sure the airflow is normal and there is no risk of rust.


It is possible to use wood pellets in a propane smoker, but you should consider checking your manufacturer’s guidelines first.

If your smoker has low build quality or the manufacturer has prohibited using pellets, then you should follow their guidelines to increase durability.

We hope that this guide has helped you with using wood pellets in your smoker.

If you are interested in learning more about propane smokers,then make sure to check our guide on How to clean propane smoker .

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