how hot can parchment paper get

how hot can parchment paper get

Parchment paper is a useful in cooking, especially when baking something. It helps the food to be baked properly without sticking to the pan. It is non-sticky because of silicone coating, which helps it to avoid sticking and resist higher temperatures. You may have heard that parchment paper can handle high temperatures and can withstand … Read more

How to wrap ribs in butcher paper


Butcher paper has taken the smoking space by storm after being used by several pitmasters in their smoking techniques . It helps you beat stall and protects your meat from drying out during the smoking process. When it comes to smoking ribs , butcher paper can help to avoid the over-smoking of ribs , make … Read more

Butcher paper vs parchment paper: what’s the difference?

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Cooking is the finest art, and it can take years for one to master it. But there are several accessories that are really effective for cooking anything properly. One of these accessories is the papers used in different cooking techniques for various purposes. These papers help you level up your cooking game by making sure … Read more

What does butcher paper do when smoking meat?

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Butcher paper are paper sheets of pink color that is primarily used by butchers to protect meat from flies or pack meat for delivery. But recently , it has taken the smoking industry by storm after being used by several pitmasters like Aaron Franklin. If you are an old follower of Aaron Franklin, then you … Read more